Sunday, April 22, 2012

all in a week's time.

it's silly isn't it?
how we make plans.
we write things on our calendars.
we make phone calls and organize our agendas.
but, rarely, do things flow as we thought they would.

and now, as i look back on our week, and reflect once again on how God's plan is so very different than my plan, i realize
once again,
that there's so much grace in the day to day.

grace is overflowing.
grace swept me off my feet this week.
and ever so gently, the Lord presented it to me.
in multiple ways, at multiple times.
and i smile now,
as i look back and realize the presence grace had,
it came in the form of friendships, dinners, laughter, and hugs.
it came in spending time together, tears, listening, and forgiveness.
and it came in truth and honesty.


our week began so random.
we went to the pediatric orthopedic doc.
{romy's got the case of bowlegged-pigeon toed-cuteness.}
and good news presented when momma heard "future athlete",
and shoulders relaxed when xrays were fine,
and gummy vitamins were bought when omega 3's were advised :)
oh, and fun was had in the pretty kickbooty waiting room.

and the loveliness continued:
mamma/baby errands to the store.
romes? meet the candy isle.

but all too quickly, there was a bump in the road.
our normalcy was rocked to the core.
and, while dusting ourselves off, and getting back into this game of life,
we paused for some keylime pie.

and wouldn't you know,
even in the craziness.......there's always time for snuggles.

soon after things were settling back in to routine, romy took a nose-dive.
roman got his first bloody nose right after refusing to eat dinner at papa kenos.
the little dude is teething like a madman and, well, this poor tumble didn't help :(
he's a tough one though.
his nose bled longer than his tears shed.
in no time, he was bustin out truck noises, like nothing happened.
{and this momma took like 37 pictures on our drive home}

and, as it turns out, long weeks produce crazy amounts of joy for when the weekend is finally here.
today {saturday}, we dominated the term laziness.
mr leif, romes, and i never left a radius of 3 blocks from our house.
good thing we have a park across the street.

and a little sonic treat for the adults.

and one for the child, too.

we soaked up our time together,
realizing the overflow of blessings we've been given.
at times, feeling like we don't deserve any of them.
but knowing we're so grateful.
and recognizing they are gifts.
and rejoicing in the Father that gives them :)

romes continues to get bigger.
i don't know how it happens so fast.
one moment he's content to just sit in a stroller, and stare at the trees.
and the next, he's mastered the ability to climb up the playground equipment.
what's next? he'll be dunking a basketball?

oh, life is good.
and even in the very darkest of areas, as we saw briefly this week, HE reveals Himself.
and if we keep focused, we can look to the LIGHT for guidance.
whether it's guidance for ourselves, or guidance for another.
God is SO good.

happy weekend!!

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