Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday. hallelujah.

roman is nose deep with a stuffy stuffy cold.
so he and dad stayed home from church.
it's weird to drive without roman.
i usually make it about halfway to my destination listening to kiddie tunes before i realize it.
i usually go first to teach sunday school, and then my boys meet me for church :)
but today, i sat alone. and it was weird. and it was good.
i was able to give full attention.
normally, i'm wrangling my toddler to sit still
or normally, i'm wondering how he is doing in the nursery.
but today? full focus.
what is it about being recharged for the week? it's so good to get fueled up again.
i remember when i was little my mom used to say, if she missed church it was like something in her week was missing. i didn't get it. i could have easily skipped right over the church part and got straight to the "hang out at my grandmas with all my cousins" like we did every sunday after church as a child. but now? i get it.
thank you HolySpirit for working in me.
but as it goes, on my way home, a few ideas such as: "i should go get lunch in peace!" or "i should browse the mall!" or "maybe i should walk around homegoods now that romy isn't with me for once!" sparked into my mind.
they came bursting forth like little kernels of popcorn.
but they weren't carried out into action.
something is so weird about this motherhood gig.
even though it was just 9:15-12:15, even though it was just three hours.
i was dying to get home to see my boys.
spending time with them just means more to me these days, than drooling at anthropologie.
yeah, i know. it's crazy.
but its good crazy.
i came home to little snotty nose {literally} and his dad, both in good moods, and ready to plan our backyard firepit project.

it's what we do, mr leif and i.
we dream up projects.
we {he} map them out.
we {he} draw up plans.
and then usually only carry about 50% of them out.
but this one?
it's happenin.
no, for real, it is.
{i think}
we like to dream.
it's fun, you should try it :)


  1. I hear you. Andy and I went on a much needed date this weekend, but after a couple hours, we just kept saying "it feels like something is missing...I wonder what Sam's doing...I miss him..."

  2. ha! i love how you write. cause i think i can hear you saying it out loud. just like we're having a good ol' conversation. one of these days that will REALLY happen. right? right. i can't wait! :)