Thursday, May 3, 2012

deck days.

we are loving our deck these days :)
spending mornings, afternoons, and evenings in the great outdoors.
 hearing airplanes and helicopters, stopping to point at them in amazement.
{and trying to make an airplane sound with an incredibly cute lisp}
 sporting a shrek hairstyle after a nap, 
and pouting because he realized he threw most of his toys over the deck railing.
and quite frankly, he wants them back in his hands. NOW.
and watching a "mooowee" {movie}  which means lion king.
we watch about 5 minutes of lion king each day.
the previews, and then the very beginning of the movie.
and then he's done, onto something else.
probably throwing more stuff off the deck.
it's a rough life. HA!

oh these days are so good.
so sweet. i want to bottle them up so i can sip from them someday....
someday when my children are grown and out hanging with their friends.
it's then that i'll want reminisce of these days, and then that i'll want them to know how much we used to snuggle, build tents, and give kisses \
{and eat fingerfuls of whip cream.....because we can}

1 comment:

  1. I love that phrase..."I want to bottle them up so I can sip from them someday"
    We can bottle all the memories up, then, when our kids are out on a Friday night, Andy and I can come over and it'll be a BYOB. Reminiscing. And you and I will cry. Because we're lame and our kids have a life. :)