Thursday, May 17, 2012

me n him, him n me.

we can laugh at things like toots.
and burps.
because he's a boy and he doesn't need to be ladylike.
right? right. {chivalry will come in a few years....}
 we can nap together, every day if we want.
he's an only child at this point in time.
why not soak it up to the max i say?
 we can take umpteen self portraits of us, as a pair.
because we are a pair.
my baby and me.
and we can snuggle on the couch with soft blankies,
and not change out of our jammies for the day until lunchtime, 
if we want.
because, well, why not? 
oh, there's so many times during the day when i feel like i'm taking 10 steps backwards with this whole momma gig.
and there's so many times when i think, JUST for a moment, that i would love to be sitting in the nail salon getting a pedicure rather than trying to calmingly parent a tantrumming toddler.

{not to be confused with ho ho ho}
most of the time?
i'm doing just EXACTLY what the Lord created me to do.....because of HIS GRACE.
thank you heavenly father, for leading me to my "place"
this feels like home, me n him, him n me.


  1. i love this.
    and that pic of you+him with your indian headband?

  2. i am quite fond of the indian headband too.

    and YES we laugh at toots. even if i had all girls i think it would be funny. haha.