Wednesday, May 16, 2012

we heart the park

most days, i need something on the calendar.
not sure why, but if i wake up and realize we have nothing planned....i can almost feel the air getting sucked right out of me.  

i know, in the future, when more little leifs are boppin around these parts,
i'll probably be begging for a clear calendar.
to wake up with nothing on our agenda.

but right now?
those are the days that can drag on.

so, on those days?
it tends to be trips to the park, that come to our rescue.
we meet up with friends........
 we chase waterfalls.
 we scream because we want to play with all the other little boys' dump trucks 
{and this momma didn't bring any for you}
oh, what, you thought i would post a picture of my screaming lad?

we have picnics....
and then we pass out on the way home.

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