Thursday, May 10, 2012

they call him bulldozer, or just dozer for short.

hi ya there,
we're still here.
actually, we're in nebraski at the moment.
total last minute decision to head "home" for the week :)

did you think i was just sitting around at home doing nothing but watching youtube videos with roman?
well, now that you mention it.....

we have come across some pretty sweet tunes.

i might actually buy this in itunes.  this song's got beat, YO!

{pause my music player.....scroll down, it's on your right!}

don't tell me that song didn't get stuck in your head?

after we watch it, i'm usually beboppin to the dozer tune
{and lovin it?}

....."they call him bulldozer, or just dozer for short...."

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