Sunday, June 10, 2012

it's summer.

what is it about summer?  it makes me all giddy.
to me, if summer had a synonym, it would be fun.

as a little girl, summer meant duty lists from my momma {which i completed in record time so i could go play, play, play!} and hours outside with the neighbors.
it meant trips into town to swim, and sleepovers with the cousins.
it meant bible school and manna camp.  it meant softball and swim lessons.

and, then i started growing up.  and it transformed into summer jobs, sports camps, bonfires and church camp. and it meant lazy days sleeping in, and late nights out with friends.

and then, i became an adult.  and got married and got a real job.
but, i had summer off.  so, it meant teaching summer school in the mornings and afternoons by the pool.
trips to see my sis, and visits back home to nebraska.
it meant bbqs with friends. and romantic gettaways for mr leif and i.

and now.  now?
well. it's evolved again.
here's a little taste :)

we wash the car. like, almost every day.
and we get to be lazy bums, just chillin on moms.

 and it means we walk to the fire station.  and look at the trucks.  
and we roman sits outside, naked, and pees on mom's chair. 

 it means daytime baths, and then we put on our jammies for naptime, and read truck books too.
and once in a while, we take naps without clothes on because, well, it's hot.

 and sometimes romes gets to pick out his clothes 
{backhoe shirt, swimtrunks, boots and his papa....papa means hat, his papas wear hats, and he has rad association skills}
and other times? he's just plain ole nakey.
[dang, he's nakes a lot]

 it's pancakes in the backyard.
and salad's in da kitchen.

and it means we go on lots and lots of walks.
so, obvi, lots and lots of popsicles.

ahhhh, summer.  you so goooooooood.

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