Sunday, June 17, 2012

lets paint.

last week, romes and i invited some friends over to get our paint on.
 we had plans to whip up a rad father's day gift.
 and though, there were a few distractions 
{asher man, driving chooo chooo's around the fire pit}
 all in all, our little morning a'la art was successful. 
[read: it was a blast]
 and we were so very thankful for our madigirl to be here helping :)
 romes made a special little piece, with hand prints galore.
 dude's got talent.  let me tell ya.
bram and asher went to town.  
creativity is an understatement with these to young lads.
 and, well, they're kstate fans.  
so they got all 'wildcat' like and painted themselves purple.
[go big red, i say. go big red]
 we didn't stop with canvases.
soon enough we were painting everything in sight:
legs and arms. diapers and bellies.  paper plates and straight up the deck floor.

we love our friends.
we love to paint.
and we love to run around sans clothes.
all in all? awesome morning.

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  1. wow. you are brave brave brave having painters over. but SUPER fun. i would totes be your kid.