Sunday, July 1, 2012

i baked something with loads of sugar.

i have this thing with cooking.
i don't particularly enjoy it.
especially if i have to deal with raw meat and then an hour later try and eat it.
it's all i can do to not picture it, still raw, as i'm chewing.
i know, it's weird.

however, i could make 5 desserts a day.
and never get sick of it.
i completely adore baking.

so, when we eat with friends, it's ushze what i sign up to bring.
this momma could browse desserts, pin desserts, drool over desserts every day.
whip cream. chocolate. cream cheese. lemon. creamy, tart, crunchy, sweet and tangy.  
i love it all.

ok, seriously.
enough of me and my awkward fetish for desserts.

here's what i made for a bbq with friends a couple weeks ago.
normally, this isn't a dessert i go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over.
but for two reasons, my tastebuds were hoppin around like 14 year olds at a katy perry concert.
one: the crust has sugar AND pretzels in it.  totally has a salty/sweet thang goin on.
and two: personal dessert dishes.  who doesn't want their own cute little dish? hello. i do.

the: crust
the: filling
the: filling on top of crust
the: top
the: end
seriously, these were like too much one could even finish their little dish
oh yeah, and i had one for breakfast the next day.  
you judgin? don't be judgin.

now, go make one fo yo kids.
make one fo yo man.
make one fo yo neighba.


  1. They were gooood! And I will not judge for the breakfast choice. I made Trix Krispie treats from pinterest this weekend and Sam didn't like them and Andy's too healthy to eat them...guess that just leaves me! And I'm eating one for breakfast as I type. Someone's got to.

  2. I haven't stopped by your blogdiggity for awhile...I so adore how you use gangsta rap in your posts, it makes me smile (: Oh, and yes, this recipe is amazeballs.