Friday, June 8, 2012

memorial weeeeeeekend.

since i'm blowin up y'alls instagram feeds, i feel the need to use those cute little squared photos as good juju for the blog.
{sidenote: i don't believe in magic, i just like the word juju}
i mean, why haul around the big ole camera when you can just slip out the phone that's totes in your back pocket, already?
easypeasy? yes.
so, little square photos it is.  instgramforlife.

why don't people take more staycations? having mr leif around for the extra day was amazeness.
one family trip to the crown center, and it was like we renewed our vows. [not really, but kinda]
sometimes, the business of life starts to unravel what was once bound together so tightly.
it's so good when a little extra time together as a family, can intertwine you back up.  all snug again.

 it was also nummy for our tummies [greasycheeseburgerlunch]
and sufficient for our vitamin D levels [lots of sunshine on the skin].
little romes and mrleif were scopin out their plan of attack.
which went something like this:
daddy: romy, run fast into the water.  and do what the big kids are doing.
romes: ok dadda, ok.

and, that's just what he did.
the crown center fountains = romes' itty piece of heaven
{dad only had to rescue him once from the middle of the fountains, where romes was 'lost'}

and, we also had a wedding :)
my two high school besties came to stay with us for the wedding.  
our forth amigo got married.
and, there are really no words.
cutest wedding ever.

just look at this little snippet of their background:
totes adorbs. alldaway.

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  1. you look so lovely at the wedding!

    i don't know what juju is. ha.