Tuesday, June 5, 2012

just in case you wanna know.

sometimes my hair gets caught stuck sandwiched in my armpit.  i know.  gross. 
its at that length....that when i wear tank tops [all.the.time.in.this.hot.weather] it just gets caught. 
but really, i go to move my head in a particular direction, and my hair gets yanked.  
yes, i know. it IS gross.  but what do i do? wear pigtails every day?

sometimes i like to let romes air out.  you know [go diaper-less].
the other day he went both number one, and number two. right on our new flagstone pathway.
marking his territory?

sometimes i'm not too *awesome* in the homemaker department.
not only has mr leif been helping out with the meal planning,
but he even whips up most a few of the dinners.
and subsequently, i continue to fall madly in love with him.

sometimes, my child loves to choose the most awesomest places to go to the bathroom.
why oh why did the payless shoe sales lady try and sell me colorful shoe laces?
when clearly, we needed to make a fast exit after buying romes his fake crocs.  
no, no sparkly laces ma'am. 
my child needs a fresh dipe.  we gotta go. pronto. 

sometimes i stink at planning out our errands. 
the other morning we arrived at costco 30 minutes before they opened.  
party in the backseat!? yes. most def.
[molly, don't even go to the carwash story.  don't do it] {smooch?!}
but really.  we had movies, trucks, truck books, and goldfish.
hotdang. what more could a toddler boy need?

sometimes, i'm really lazy in the mornings and don't even feel like making breakfast.
then we walk to hyvee and get a $1.69 pancake, with a  <$1 egg and a <$1 sausage.  
diggitydog.  now that's some cheap "homecookin"
if i do say so myself.
plus, there's all sorts of nice elderly folks there.  and they love on roman.
[who often times is still in his pjs]
[and i might still be in my pjs too]
actually, yes, most likely, we are both still in our pjs.

oh dear.  and i guess sometimes we go to mcdonals to get their oatmeal.
not as often as hyvee.
but still once in a while.
what the what?  i know, i know.  
i should be making nice little breakfasts at home.
but sometimes there's days weeks that just need a little boost.

but really, life is good. isn't it?  God is so faithful.  even during the long weeks.
He's there.  ready to rescue with grace.  
grace. sometimes it's in the form of hyvee pancakes.
and sometimes? in the form of my little love, handing me a rock, saying "here momma"
a continual prayer of mine is that i might learn to "be still".....it sort of goes against my internal grain.
it seems that when we're still, when we slow down, things click.  
it's then that we can truly seek His will, and see His will revealed.  
and, it's beautiful.


  1. what the heck is a hyvee? just sounds wrong. and funny.

    at the car wash, yeah.

    you. are. hilarious.

  2. i still cannot get over your piggies. #best.pic.eva.

  3. I totally know what a hyvee is. which makes me feel oddly awesome. (us midwestern girls! hehe)

    love love love the pigtails and the story about the hair in the armpits. the same thing happens to me, if it makes you feel any better. :)

    I like you. and your random posts. lots. :)