Thursday, July 5, 2012

another painting partay.

so i've basically decided that when you paint with just one toddler, 
it's too much work to even make it worth it.  
i know i know.  pathetic.  but seriously.
when you compare the amount of time actually painting to the time it takes to get everything out and clean it all up? 
it's like gasp. yikes. i'd rather read 46 truck books.
so, i've basically decided that we'll host painting parties.
it's a fantab time.

1 roll of paper.
a few washable paints squirted out in piles onto paper plates.
1 kiddie pool filled with water.
lots of {halfnaked} toddlers.
{and the most important one} lots of momma friends.

{little meg with roman's random roller he stole from mr leif}
 {hi sam. you a warrior, sam?}
 {beautiful momma. handsome wee-lad.}
{little sam. little della girl}
 {bram the man, asher too.  hi madi!}
{all done. wash up. pool partay}

but fo reals.
go round up some kids.
get out the paints.
grab some mommas, and some water.
things will get a lil cray cray, but it will be so good.
and who doesn't like artwork up on their wall?
hello. it screams "happy home".


  1. your blogs always make me smile!! please keep blogging about yours and the Romes' adventures forever and ever??? :)

    this is such a fantabulous idea, and I want to do it sometime soon.

    you know what else I want to do??
    come hang out on your deck with you. IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!

  2. totally doing this on our balcony when i get home to Montreal!