Wednesday, July 4, 2012

to denver we go.

roman's obsessed with airplanes.
so obvi. the airport is basically his toys r us.
all i had to do, last friday, while waiting to board, was perch him in front of the window.
dude coulda sat there all day. 
no lie.
 but soon enough, it was time to board.
and talk about awesomesauce.  romes zonked out as soon as we took off.
we tried to stay cool.
the big D aint used to no 3 digit temps in the summer.
i even overheard the lifeguards gasping when they found out it was 101 degrees.
but seriously.  i don't know if it was our elevation or what, but it was SOOOOO hot.
like, step outside and fall over in a heap of sweat, hot.
so we we were in the water 80% of our trip.
 and when we weren't in the water,
we were running around outside, with hardly any clothes on.

and when we weren't running around half naked,
we were soakin up the sunsets.
and when we weren't all gaa-gaa over the sunsets,
we were havin lunch with aunt lesley.

and when we weren't eating lunch with lesley,
we were eating aaron's homemade ice cream.
because, well, we like to eat dessert.
and it was hot, so we needed to eat ice cream.
need, not want, people.
 but mostly, we ran around in our swimsuits and diapers.
and mostly we played in the water.
and mostly, we love our denver aunty liza, uncle aaron, cuz charlotte, and aunty lesley.
and mostly we can dream of being in the same city someday.
and mostly, it was just plain hot.
and so very soon, we were off to the airport to fly home.
denver's airport makes you ride a little train.
someone loves trains, and someone loves planes. so someone was stoked.
and someone didn't nap this time.
but someone did fantabulous, the whole ride home!
{and someone else sang the dang itsy bitsy spider song, in flight, wayyyy too many times}
{that would be me.  you do what you gotta do when you're that high up in the sky, trapped in a seat}

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