Sunday, July 22, 2012


i grew up with two sisters, and a brother.
our brother, donavan, was rarely referred to by his name.
he was our "buddy".
and now, even though he is a strapping young 25 year old lad, 
i still refer to him as "buddy".
i can't help it.
it's a habit.

but he doesn't mind.

last week, buddy came to town.
roman instantly preferred to call him "buddeeee" though i tried to get him to say donavan.

"buddy hamma. buddy hamma."
and in zooms romes, to help buddy hammer
{thanks for tearing apart all that pallet wood bud!}
we had lunch around the table,
you know how fun it was to have a full house?
{and some adult interaction?!}
thanks bud!
what a blessing!
 we played UNO!
i won every time, 
right donavan?
 the guys golfed in the front yard, during their breaks from organizing the garage.
they tackled, and chased, and wrestled!
mr leif and i even got a date night.
buddy babysits.  SCORE.
 we are SO thankful for our family, and that they take the time to come visit us :)
we appreciate their help and support, and we just LOVE to see them love on our romy.
and last week, we were so thankful for buddy to come visit us, help us around the house, and to bond with little romes!
come back soon "buddeeeeeee"
romy asks for you every day!

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