Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{DIY} lyrics on some plywood.

something was clearly in our water last week.
one moment we were bustin out a chalkboard, and the next? 
plywood art.
but i'm getting to far ahead of myself,
i want to share my heart a bit first.
i hope you don't mind :)
sometimes we see the internet as a tool sparking up jealousy.
sometimes we see it as a tool that tells us we never measure up.
sometimes we see it as a reminder that we aren't doing enough as a mom, or as the keeper of our home.
{confession? i've seen it as all three}
i'm choosing to see the it in another light.

my sweet friends, we only serve ONE master, one God.  
He is pleased when we are doing our best and glorifying Him, whatever that might look like.
He doesn't require us to measure up to man's opinions.
matter a fact....it's when we fail that He opens his arms even wider.
calling us home, to rest in him, to receive His grace, and to know we ARE enough.

i've chosen to read, to browse, and to {lets be honest} stalk a blog or two, for inspiration, for guidance, and to know our heavenly Father has blessed each of us with talents and gifts, and it doesn't do me any good to desire someone else's.  though yes, because of our sin, it happens.

{confession? i'm a pathetic cook}
but those food blogs? they inspire me! they give me ideas that i "pin" and know i will NEVER try, because, let's just be honest, i don't even like to cook. HA!  but it sounds like a good idea.

{confession? my house is often picked up, but not deep cleaned}
i see the blogs of mommas with organized cleaning schedules and organic homemade cleaning supplies as inspiration!  maybe i'll try a cleaning calendar too!  probably not!  but i can try!  
but really? i probably won't even try. i like to cram my deep cleaning into a 3 hour sesh about every other week.  i know. gross.  but guess what? sometimes we go three weeks. {gasp}  
i'm sure the more kids i add to the mix, the dirtier our house will get, and maybe i'll adjust.
but it's ok to be right where i'm at, instead of wishing i could be better.

so you see. i see those blogs too.  i see those posts and pictures.  
but sweet mommas, sweet wives, sweet women of the interwebworld, we can CHOOSE to see them in a positive light :)  


and so, likewise, i hesitate posting certain things.
not because i think i'm creating masterpieces over here
 HA. ha. {ha!}

but i hesitate to post for the momma who is having a hard week, feeling like she just can't figure out her children.........i would rather her see my weaknesses then anything that might look like my success.  

and i hesitate to post for the wife who is in a season of hurt.....i would rather her see my struggles too, then to think we're all sparkles and unicorns over here.

but. the truth is?
i want to share the good stuff too.
i want to remember the good stuff.
i want my children to come here and read all the stuff.
{i really do like the word stuff}
maybe in tribute to Jef, i'll write it as stuf?
and now i'm off topic.
happens quite easily in my brain.

my heart beats with compassion.
{praying for less pride, more humility.  praying for less of me, more of Him}

so, here i go, posting an accomplishment, something i did with my husband, something i'm proud of. yes all of those things.  
but really?  i'm posting it to give you an idea, just like AMY LOU gave me.
i read her post and thought, "hey?! i could do that!" and i did.
maybe you'll do the same?
and maybe not. 
maybe you don't have the time, the energy, etc.
and that is OK, you were created beautifully in His image, 
regardless of how many pinterest projects you produce.  

and with that, i give you:

{vinyl letters from hobby lobby}
 {random magazine from the end isle at the store}
needed for colorful pages, not wedding ideas, silly.
{pages and pages tore out of magazines}
 {plywood, cut to your desired size}
{pallet wood, for a frame}
 {tear apart pieces from the mag, glue em on. with a glue sitck!}
{see the pile on the bottom right, below!}
 {after you've covered the board}
{lay out your vinyl letters, then stick them on}
{oh what was roman doing during this?}
well, he dumped out my modge podge all over the driveway.
and then proceeded to use the paintbrush, and paint things like our font bushes,
the house, and the driveway with modge podge.
{you just have to know things like this will happen when you are crafting with kids around}
and you just hafta giggle.
{spraypaint like crazy}
{cover the whole thing in white}
{peel off the black letters} 
{they're vinyl, so very carefully, they will peel off}
{VERY carefully}
and then,
{modge podge the whole thing, to seal it}
 {frame it, and hang'er up}


  1. adorable craft and sweet post. love ya! :)

  2. This is a beautiful post and one that I remind myself of often. Thanks for sharing your heart, and your art! :)

  3. number one: you are absolutely AMAZING.
    number two: I am so humbled, touched, inspired.
    number three: I am so excited to continue following your projects and for you to follow mine. (I'm pinning your project onto my pinterest so you'll probably see a HUGE spike in your blog views, because through this project, I've had now 400,000 views!) :)
    number four: look at my blog and check out my new "tab" and you'll see where I've made YOU my first "I was featured" post! yay!!!
    number five: Thank you...thank you so much for being so kind and most importantly God Bless you and your BEAUTIFUL family!
    please please keep in touch :)

  4. oh me, oh my. if that ain't the darndest cutest thing i e'er did see.
    love you.
    and love that roman modgepodged your driveway.
    bahaaa! ha. ha.

  5. that came out FANTASTIC! well done! i am impressed!