Thursday, July 26, 2012

i love him.

i guess i just didn't know my heart could keep expanding like this.
sometimes when i stop and think about how much i love him? 
i could just bawl my eyes out.
thank you LORD for the gift of children.
their soft skin, their tender voices.  their innocence, their eagerness.
their joy, their giggles, their mind that is constantly soaking up new things.
though raising a child can stretch you so thin, you might think you'll break?
it's true, the good always blows the hard stuff outta the water.
children are an indescribable gift.
thank you dear roman, for loving me even when i have no idea how to parent you.
thank you dear roman, for adoring me even after i have an ugly moment. {or 13 of them}
and thank you dear roman for being the tool that my heavenly Father is using, to refine me, so I might shine for his glory.

1 comment:

  1. he is so big.
    and so handsome.
    i love watching him grow up on your blog :)