Wednesday, August 15, 2012

here we go.

i've been hiding from this blog,
for multiple reasons.

a few of them are...

a) i'm so nauseas that scrolling around on the computer makes me feel like i've just stepped off the rock-o-plane at the sutton carnival.  
and i think i've mentioned this + carnival rides just don't mix.  
nor do long car rides in the back seat, windy roads, bumpy plane rides, or swinging.
i have a weak stomach.  and folks, scrolling down a computer screen about sends me sprinting to the ladies room.  euw. yuck. nothankyou.

b) how do i blog about our lifestuff,
 without mentioning the BIGGEST thing that's happened to us this past month?? 
i mean.  i tried typing multiple posts, but somehow i needed to explain why i looked like i just got hit by a bus, or why we're still in our jammies at 5 pm, or why i can't even open the fridge with out gagging.  poor romes.  dude's spent countless hours shoveling dirt from a dirt pile into buckets.  
{not really poor roman though, he think it's the coolest thing since fruit snacks, to dig in dirt} 
but really, our life has consisted of me trying to stay awake and figure out what to eat so i don't hurl.

c) all i wanna do is write about how scared/excited/nervous/overjoyed/thankful/freakedout/&overwhelmed that i'm PREGNANT! 
i'm going to have TWO little lives to try and raise up right ;)  what the what?  
this is overwhelming to me, people.  most days with romes, i'm exhausted to the max because, well, he is quite "energetic".  and now, there will be two?  yikes. so scary.  
but really? SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME!  chuckin these nerves out the window.  
bring on a family of four, all squished into our tiny house :)  

{after bribing romes with 3 pieces of chocolate and 2 fruit snacks, this was the only picture that even remotely turned out.  
photographing a wiggly toddler is typically a giant blurrrrrrrrrr, HA!}


  1. i came straight here from instagram!!!!

    oh, baby.
    youzzzz knocked UP!
    no cool emojis for this post, so lots of !!!!!!!!!!!'s are needed!!!!!!!!!!

    can't wait to see that belly get nice & round :)
    a new baby leif.
    ohhh, you make cute babes.
    wish i could squeeze you in person.
    or hold your hair while you puke.
    no, i totally wouldn't do that. sorry.

    so happy i might pop.

  2. Congrats!!! That's so exciting!!

  3. eek!!!! love the picture announcement! so thrilled for baby L #2!

  4. What wonderful news! I hear ya on the nausea, I'm still sick at 19weeks. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. i'm so sorry you have been nauseous! i was sick as a dog with all my kids and it's probably one of the only things making me not want another pregnancy. that and the fact that it would be a 5 c-section. yikes.

    anyway i'm so wildy thrilled for you. i think that you will be the PERFECT mama to two little leifs.

    and would totes hold your hair while you puked, so move over mj. haha. then i'd be puking with you. misery loves company, right?