Friday, August 31, 2012

i'm goin to rio?

i was desperate. 
sometimes romes takes a small nap in the morning, & then he doesn't end up napping in the afternoon.
i know.  some of you are probably all, "whooooptydoo.  at least your kid naps."
but these days.  these long, hot, nauseas, days?  i really need that little break.
us mommas don't get weekends, or holidays off.  heck, we barely even get evenings.
so.  when they sleep?  it's my equivalent to "this shop's closed for the moment" time.

last week {or wait, maybe it was earlier this week?  i can't remember my days anymore}...anyways.
sometime in the recent past, romy and i headed out to monkey business.
it's basically like an indoor playground thing.

naturally, my child "comes alive" in environments as these.
he can run. hop. yell. climb. run. run. and run around.

and, it wasn't long until i started noticing something....
this dude's got talent.
no really.

i mean, this little baby to the left is obvi some russian child that's been training for rio2016 since birth,
but the one to the right?
he's mine.  and he can hold that pose for days.  just holding up his 33lb body wait with his arms.  nbd.
{maybe most kids can do this.  they probably all can.  but let me just shine in my momma moment}

i was a bit shocked.  a lot bit proud.  and then i cheered him on like he was about to win a medal or something.  
because, i'm just really cool like that. ha. ahem. cough. toddlers and tiaras?  oh dear, not me.

. . .

i gained my composure and we headed over to the jumpy station.
and, well, looks like we'll be having a two-event child at rio2016 
not only will romes be going in pommel horse (the picture above)
he'll also be challenging reigning champ Dong-Dong for the trampoline champion gold medal.

now, all we need to do is install one of these suckers.


  1. omigosh. those pictures of those babies are freaky and FUNNY.

  2. BAH. reigning champ dong-dong.

    crying laughing.
    you are funny as a prego.