Saturday, August 4, 2012

romes talks, like all day long {and i love it}

"outside peeeeese daddy"
"what do you say?", as mr leif opens the door and they walk out onto the deck.
"taaantuu" {thank you}, romes so glady replies.

and then what happens next melts my heart even more than the little conversation that just happened.
i get the glance, from my love. 
the one that says, with a twinkle in his eye, "did you hear what romes just said?"
the one that says, with so much love bursting forth, "that's our little boy" :)

i haven't been able to write down my thoughts for the past couple weeks, because it's all just swarming around me so fast.
first there were all of his little single words he threw out here and there.
but now? there are phrases.
little buds of dialogue, bursting forth from his mouth, begging to take part in conversation.

it happened right before my eyes.
i didn't even blink, it just happened.

words became phrases, and tomorrow we'll be chatting away like the best of friends.

it seems as if i'll keep saying it, that each stage is better than the last, but all of the sudden the stages hit speeds that are going far to quick for my momma heart.  slow down.  oh, how i wish they would slow down.

i'd be fine with just hearing "read, read"  
and, while it's music to my ears to hear "momma read?  momma read peeeease?"
it's just going so fast.

it's a beautiful thing to get the glance from mr leif
it reassures me that it's all ok.
no matter what kind of tantrum he just threw,
or no matter how many vegetables he is now on strike from eating,
he just said "outside daddy peeease"
and his tender little voice, it's like a balm to our weariness.

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