Saturday, August 25, 2012

the lost month of august {and the end of july}

yikes. where did august go.  and for that matter, july too?
i feel the need to blow up the blog with photos.
just a little recap.

romes has a new trick.  he can go from happy.  to very mad.  to calmed down in a matter of minutes
momma has a new trick.  just keep swimming....just keep swimming.....just keep swimming....

we would sell the house, and just live in the backyard if roman had his way
of course we would use the house money to buy more hammers and shovels  
also to buy puppies & kitties.  because roman's obsessed with both, and his momma (& daddy) are not
 [this kid loves dirt, rocks and sticks more than i love j.crew.  and i really love j.crew]

when we are inside, it gets a little cray cray up in this hizzie.
i can get him to sit calmly, and coloring for about 2 minutes.  on a good day.
and then we're usually off and running around.  burning up that energy in any way we can.
jumping on the couch {yes, i let him.  it's fun}, playing guitar, destroying the house by getting every toy out, unrolling all the paper in our paper roll instead of drawing, and playing master chef.
 no, really.  dude's gonna be such an awesome chef someday.  he cooks in his kitchen every single day.
and, other than the occasional frustrational outburst, when he can't get the lid to fit on the pan, causing him to throw both the lid and the pan and the fake watermelon inside the pan, all across the room?  well, other than those episodes, this kid's got talent.
watch out america.

one day, we took a trip to the union station.
it was a blast.  and free.  {except for the pizza}
kansas city is good to mommas.  lots of free stuff for the kids.
and it saves me from having to sit outside and help my child play in the dirt for 3 hours.
 lots of trains.  romes was a bit, "ohmygoodness, choo choo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 even a real choo choo!  i wovvvvvvvvve him.  so much.

i'm soaking up the snuggle time any time i can get it. 
because i'm not quite sure how to love another child just as much as i love the first one.

but i know my heart is just stretching, as is my belly, a little bigger :)
and as the baby grows, so will my momma heart, ready to love two just the same.
 but for now?  i'll just focus on how i'm so madly in love with this little dude.


  1. We love union station, too!

  2. um, how cute is your new blog?!
    ohhh gurl. ohhhhh! i likey.

    and, hi.
    i don't have anything witty to say at the moment.
    but you have one cute boy there. that sleeping paci pic is my fave.