Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the week we were circus freaks.

either it's just momma issues.  or maybe it's being preggo.
regardless, i can't sleep very well.
it seems like around 2 or 3am i wake up.  
and then i'm all MUST.THINK.OF.ALL.THE.THINGS.
for about 2 hours.
and then i usually wind up on my phone, pintresting random things that i'll probably never refer to anyways, stumbling upon all these cool instagramers that obvi use way better filters than i, and of course, old faithful himself: facebook.

this particular night, union station basically said, hey guys!  the circus is coming.
so.  romes and i made a week of it.

we watched the train roll into town and unload the elephants and horses.
 and we watched them walk to the sprint center.  tails in trunks.
the next day, we watched them devour whole fruits and veggies for lunch,
as they prepared for their opening night.
and then romes and i had lunch too.
at the P&L.
i told romy, momma and daddy used to have quite a bit of fun here.
but i didn't get into any specifics.
{ahem, celia.........cartwheels?}
romy heard my speaking of fun, and took it to his own level.
he chose to "raise the roof" and sprint around the entire P&L "living room"
and, then we capped off our week by officially reaching groupie status.
we went to the circus.
i'm trying to look like a mormon mommy blogger with my ruby lips.
they're painted red, compliments to celia, who sent me this fabulous
"lip marker" by TopShop.
i'm in wuv.
you should get some too.
back to the circus.
romy only asked to be "all done" a few times.
he loved the elephants.  the tigers.  the horsies.  
and the people who climbed "up and up and up" (the ladders)
oh.  and he gobbled up the popcorn.
by the end, he had mastered multiple sounds of the circus.


  1. gimme that lipstick.
    is it hotshot? or berry?
    you are so pretty :)

    yay for the circus.

  2. Love the lips Linds xxx
    I can't wait for my next visit.. its less than a year away. LESS than ONE year!
    Though we may have to leave the cartwheeles at P&L to someone else this time...


  3. i am in LOVE with the lipstick! what kind? my red failed. failed i tell you! it was pink.

    and what sort of FUN things were you doing at the circus, missy?

    you are awesome.