Saturday, October 6, 2012

recommitment to the city.

i've spoken of this dream, the one where we live back in nebraska.
close to family, and small schools, and waving at everyone because you literally know everyone.
  yes.  all the cars on the street, you practically know who drives each of them.
it's the small town life.
it's appealing to us.  it's not so big and scary as a city seems.  it's what we know.
or, so we like to dream.
but then something happened.
the lord began working on our hearts.
speaking contentment into our lives.
speaking a love of our city into our hearts.
and whispering into our ears, to just seek His will, not ours.

and so, the dream, of moving "back home" has sort of dwindled.
it still could happen, someday.
but for now?  mr leif and i feel a burst of excitement to recommit to the city.
kansas city.

so, naturally, we've been talking about what our lives will look like here.
as a family, how will we seek His will, and spread His light, in the city?

today, mr leif asked me, 
"if we are going to live here, how can we raise our kids to spread the gospel here?  how will we teach them to serve others because we LOVE others, and not just because it's 'what christians do'?"  

so. that's what we're working on over here.
our recommitment to the city.
how we can be the salt and the light.
how we can serve and love.
and how we can live with compassion.
a compassion that's real. deep. and full of life.

. . .

do you ever find yourself getting caught up in serving because you should?
when i taught in a school that had children in need, literally, i had a live passion.
i saw their homes.  i delivered gifts during christmas.  it was all very real to me.
but now?  i'm just praying i get that passion back.  
not just the duty, but delight.

do you have any traditions you do with your kids or families that brew up a love for serving?
if so, share with me.  we're new at this parenting gig, and we're taking any advice we can get :)

ok. that's all.
just some swirling thoughts :)


  1. love your hearts!

    a lady at our church started an organization called Flood that reaches the homeless and poor of the city. we just bring our kids along to those events(they have all different kinds) and my kids get to know the kids and talk to them. For them most part, they just think they are having fun, but we do talk about it a little from time to time...tell them we are going here to show them God's love. My boys only have good connotations with it and feel very natural around it, so that's a plus.

  2. I have the same Nebraska vs Chicago discussion in my head on a weekly basis...The longer I'm here though the more I fall in love with this city. But then I have a weekend back in Nebraska and the familiarity and simplicity of that great state wraps me in its grasp all over again...