Friday, October 19, 2012

a whole lot less shampoo.

last saturday roman turned two.
yep.  he's big now.
i'll post about that later :)

his birthday, brought grandma to town.
this means my mom becomes "mom" and i sort of just hang out.
this time she stayed for 6 days.
i was sort of on mom vacation.  it was glorious.

so one of those days, i got a wild hair brained idea.  pun intended.
but, i suppose i shouldn't say it was the first time this has popped into my mind.
i've been saying to my sis for a while now, "i'm ready for less hair."

even though with long flowy hair....... you can do loose curls, or straighten, or do all sorts pinterest things.....sock buns, random braid contraptions, really high twisty buns like kourtney kardashian. 
even thought with long flowy hair, you're basically trendy.  i mean, just look at any style blog. dude.

because: when you have long [LONG] hair, your hair is like a blank canvas, just waiting to be made into a masterpiece.

BUT!!!!!! let's say you have this hair, and instead of creating masterpieces.... 
you just do a lazy side braid, about 98% of the time.
 and you stalk hipster instagrammers with amazing hair 
<< @nicolecalleen // @emilyframe // @jmrammell >>
because, well, THEIR.HAIR.

and also they're raisin' boys.  and, they write about it too at: small fry.

so now that you know what's filling up my instagram feed,
let's get back to my wild idea.

"enough!" i said, "enough!"....... most of the time my hair is in a messy side braid.
which is fine, and totally reflective of this season of life.
but i was craving something fresh.  new.  easy.
so i texted my hairgirl.
and the next day, i chopped it all off.
this was on wednesday.

i thought i was fine.  i mean, i liked what i saw at the salon.
but then i got home and tried to mess with it.
and soon my canvas, became like a 2x3 piece of paper.
i suddenly felt like i couldn't really do much with my hair.
i felt like i cut off my creativity right along with my locks.
so, i posted a whiny picture to my IG @lindseyleif
and i texted my sis. she said it was ok that i was upset. and in mourning. 
and, that i feel like i got a "mom hair cut"
and of course comments read that it looked fine.
but then i started really examining my heart.

i wondered, am i this vain?  that chopping off my hair will bring me to a whole afternoon of pouting?
i know.  i know.  with change, brings a season of adjustment.
but it's hair.  
and why is it that when i'm all up in my outer beauty, it finds its place way up here in my heart?
[picture me holding my hand up really high]
and then my concern with inner beauty is way down here
 [picture me holding my hand, way down low]

so that's where i'm at today.
totally fine with my hair.  it's growing on me.
and i finally washed it this morning, and wow, talk about needing way less shampoo [bonus!]
but while i'm at a good place with my hair,
i'm still trying to address my heart.
i'm a work in progress, and i guess the lord just reveals our ugliness in all sorts of ways.
but, he shows us our flaws so that we might cling to him.
and i'll take that, over long flowy mormon mommy blogger hair, any day.

besides, this little guy doesn't care what my hair looks like.
 but speaking of romes.  and hair.  we held him down at sheer madness and gave him a cut :)
he's still imitating the sound of the clippers, walking around saying, "hair tut? ehhhhhhhhhhhhh"


  1. omigosh. the pic of you on your side bar is so gorgeous i can't even come to myself.

    and i was worried for a minute that you chopped your hair like a boy, but you still have lots of hair! phewey:) you are adorbs no matter what.

    i would be just as vain if it makes you feel better. gosh. that hurt to write out. i feel for people who lose their hair:(

  2. golly gee, but you're gorgeous. I think you could shave your head and still look beautiful, it's true.

    ok, I know that's not why you wrote this post, so that we would all tell you how beautiful you are and how your new hair does indeed look wonderful on you (because it does)... but I felt it needed to be said anyway. :)

    I just chopped my hair too. it was really long, and I liked it that way for all the reasons you said. BUT. I chopped it for the reasons you said. and because my hormones are going crazy and I feel like it's all falling out of my head anyway. and yes, I have cried about my hair (because it was the one thing I felt I could control, the one "good" thing I had goin'!) many times in the past month. it's very hard to feel beautiful sometimes, with my hair being lackluster and going nuts, and my body being floopsy, and my skin breaking out like a teenager. see? I'm vain too.

    and that's why I loved this post, because I can relate, and because you reminded me of the important things. <3