Thursday, October 11, 2012

i'm all like "off to the plaza!".... FAIL.

last night, after a nice little walk with a friend {hi katie!} i stopped off at the plaza.
per orders of mr leif, i was to "go do something fun by myself, while he hung out with roman"
(we're constantly trying to attempt to wean roman away from his "must.need.want.giveme.MOMMA.24/7.365.all.the.time-ness")

and well, momma didn't protest.
i took the scenic route.
and basically drove through a live pinterest board titled, "my someday home"
mission hills is full of curvy roads, bajillion dollar homes, big huge stone walls, long sidewalks, and fancy gates.

i winded my way through and scoped out a perfect parking spot, right between jcrew and h&m.
i have had this shirt that rides along in my car, needing to be returned to jcrew, for about 2 months now.
it's just not gonna fit this fall, being pregs and all.  (sigh..... depressing)
and then, i have these cute little skinnies that i bought for romes. are h&m's sizes are always wacko w/ kids.  or is it just me?  but it seems like i'm always exchanging there.

so, i park.  grab my bags.  and then i realize.  no purse.
i'm hungry {read:hangry} and feel nauseous because i waited way too long to eat...
and here. i have an evening to stroll the plaza streets off in la-la land, but i my hands are tied.
and there will be no possible anthro sale purchases.  blerg.

but, never the less, i giggle.
i actually laugh. out loud.
because i look around at all the cute people strolling about, off to their dates, their girls nights out, their shopping sprees, their late night happy hours....and here i am in yoga pants.  looking really cute.  without my bag.  my id.  my debit card.
so back home i went.

i called mr. leif.
"i'm on my way home! i totally forgot my purse so i can't run any of my errands or grab anything to eat! HA!"
     {him} "don't you have any spare change for even a little snack?"
"[insert giggle] i may have a quarter stuck to the bottom of my cupholder? but no it's ok, i mean i did get to see a lot of people out having fun, meeting for dinner, shopping, dressed all super cute, so good for them right?! [insert giggle]"
     {him} "yes, linds, that used to be us, ha, but i suppose we've traded that all in for romes and babyboo, huh?"
"yeah....we totally did"

i mean, truly.  this wasn't a pitty party phone convo.
it was actually full of sarcasm and laughter.
and totally reflective on our state of life.  that we love.

i'm takin it from this beautiful hub/wife duo, mr leif?  i think that we'll be fine ;)

it's easy to think of the what-ifs or the if-only's or the maybe when-we's...
it's easy to trade in contentment for desires that we american's like to call "dreams"...
but really.  i'm just reminded, time...and time...again that where my treasure is, there my heart will be also.


  1. so good. so, so good. i love you.

  2. you guys are so ridiculously cute it's not even funny.

    that is brutal though, that you could not make your returns that have been sitting in your car from months. i would have cried, lol. you have a good sense of humor.