Tuesday, November 27, 2012

every little nebraska boy's dream.

though we are kansas city folk now, we're huskers at heart.
or at least mr leif is......when we first moved here, we wasted a lot of time driving around KC, getting to know the place, while eating ice cream {because we were young.  no kids yet. and had time to waste..... remember those days???}.... anyways, we did that a lot.
and it didn't take me long to realize everyone had rocks in front of their house.  and on those rocks was either a blue and red jayhawk or a purple wildcat.  
i quickly said to my mr, "if we need to pick a new team to be fans of, lets be KU fans, i don't really like all the purple."
he basically laughed out loud and tried to shove the icecream in my face.  not really.  but actually, he told me that was a really dumb thing to say, as we were still most definitely going to be husker fans.
i should of fake cried and got a second serving of ice cream.  rude, mr leif.  just rude.
how was i supposed to know you "kept your team"?  i mean look at me....i grew up on a gravel road in a little village with 38 people.  and now.  here i am in the city?  i thought you just did all new stuff, and stuff.  and stuff like that.

so fast forward 6 years, and here we are, city folk, travelin north to join the whole rest of the state of nebraska, to scream "go big red".  

yes.  a couple weeks ago, mr leif and i went to a nebraska football game.
he was probably just as giddy as every 10 year old boy in the stadium, except that he's 29.
but really, it was so cute hearing him talk about his memories in the stadium :)

as a boy, he spent most saturdays in the fall watching the tunnel walk, dreaming that he would be a husker some day...and then later during the game, talking the ears off of anyone who would listen, while he tried to call out all the plays.

it was so fun for me to go back there with him this time......
we have been to countless games together in the past, mostly during our college days, but this time it was different.
this time, we went as parents, imagining our little boy getting to have the same dreams as his daddy :)

ok, enough of the mushy stuff.
i also ate pizza. a hotdog. and had a hot chocolate.
 mostly, i get distracted by watching people.
and the food, obviously.
but also, i enjoy parts of the game.  like this:
the crowd lets their red balloons go after we score our first points.
three cheers for pretty sky entertainment.
 since my momma was watching roman,
mr leif and i got to experience true relaxation.
there's something about knowing that your child is more than being taken care of.
i didn't check my phone.  i didn't worry.  i just got to be next to my man, soakin in the sun.
{and the wind, nebraska is windy"
and now,
i give you:
roman's husker debut.
[while making playdough birthday cupcakes]

oh. and the actual part when he talks?  it's really quiet so you might not even hear him unless you blare your speakers.  
i was too lazy to correct the audio.  crank up the jams, crank em up.

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