Monday, November 26, 2012


mr leif and i get to celebrate our birthdays together :)
we're four days apart.  well, technically, one year and four days apart.

i think the first birthday gift i got from him was a dark red and white striped shirt from american eagle.
i thought it was ugly.  but i wore it.  it was, in fact, my first gift from a 'boyyyyyyyy'.  
so i wore it proudly because it meaning?

i probably got him a blue shirt from the buckle.
because, obviously.  we were that cool couple that got each other shirts.
and then we probably got some sort of little heart flutter when we saw the other wearing the shirt we bought them.
or maybe that was just me?
either way, i worked hard long hours at the pool to buy his gifts.  

we've stepped it up a few notches from the shirt days.
we're married now.
so we do things like 
stay in lovely hotels.  eat at a fancy schwancy restaurants. and in general, pretend we were cool people.  
or at least that's what we did this year :)
and actually we got this room for 80 bucks.  some online deal mr leif snagged.  {my hero}
squinty mcsquinterson.
he always had....still has......trouble with that darn flash.

oh. i also ate cheesecake. 

happy twenty eight and twenty nine to us.
i love you mr leif.  my mcdreamy.  my first and only love.  my rock.  


  1. happy birthday cutie pies!

    and my my you are living large!

  2. nice hotels are one of my very favorite luxuries in this life, and i do love luxuries! :-D happy belated love. way to keep the spark alive.