Monday, November 12, 2012

happy christmas mail

hi friends!
i'm not sure if it's a mom thing or what, but every year romes gets older, i get more excited for the holidays!
we don't have any major traditions started yet, but as our family grows, 
i'm so excited to begin creating traditions together :)  [cue: major cheesy moment]

that really has nothing to do with this post.

well only kind of..... the holiday part.

i've created eight holiday photo cards and they are listed in my etsy shop!
now that i have a computer again, i hope to get at least a few more up by the end of this week :)

now a quick tangent on my etsy shop.
it's not really a venture i'm pursing to strike it rich.
i mean, lets be honest, if i was really trying to strike it rich, i'd pursue a singing career.
or even better yet? a find-cute-things-you-want-to-buy-for-your-home-but-cant-afford-them-career.
yes. definitely that second one, because i do that already. a lot. so much. too often.

but the etsy shop? it's just a fun creative outlet for me :)
and hey, one order gets me a cute pair of flats from tj maxx. boom.

oh, and i also tell myself it's like i'm still in school.
i'm just trying to teach myself how to use photoshop, so i anytime i learn a new trick,
i feel like i'm raising my GPA at "stayathomemom creative outlet school"

so anyways, that was a lot of random rambling.
here's a little peeky:

this is so much fun for me :)
i need to be creative like some people need a really clean house.
if creativity starts to disappear, then i get buried in laundry and leftover halloween candy.
like, we're talking at least 6 mini boxes of milkduds and 4 mini packs of now and laters. 


[my etsy shop is linked to over on the right, it's the weird small button that needs to be fixed, but i've been too lazy to do so, haters gonna hate]


  1. Those are adorable! You are so creative. Do you do all of that on photoshop. I'm trying to learn how to use it! Also, your fam pics are so cute. Where are the steps by the blue door at?

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  3. hi linsey! yes...i am s l o w l y figuring our photoshop :) lots of patience, google, and trial and error. it's been such a good way for me to "stretch my brain" in other ways then just reading my parenting and marriage books :) we took our pictures down at the river market.... at first i was super bummed that we didn't have good lighting, it was SO cold and cloudy and dreary, and i really wanted the morning sun to pop through, but they turned out great :) i'm working on trying to not have such silly high standards for things and just BE grateful :) good luck with your photoshop ventures :)

  4. love love your holiday pictures and your cards! they are soooo cute! and your website header is super cute too. love you!

  5. cyooooooot. cute, cute, cute.
    proud of you.
    wish we could photoshop hang together on our imaginary laptops. heh.
    and your peeectures! they're ADORABLE! <3