Saturday, November 24, 2012

i entered something

i really like rap music.
actually, any music that would be playin up in da club.
i like it.  all of it.
if i could, i would go dancing on a weekly basis.
i like to shake it.
but now i'm getting off topic.
back on track: naughty music.... ok,
most of the time, it's full of naughty words.  and naughty stories.
but sometimes, if you try, you can find good in it.
because God is everywhere.
we just hafta open our eyes.

so i entered a contest.  i made this little ditty up the first day she posted the deets, but i never posted it until now.   and i'm pretty sure it's over.  but that's how i role these days, a bit dysfunctional.

i really just love reading jami's blog.  you should too.
her words are convicting. hilarious. and just plain awesome.

paul, you stud.  you dominated this song.

but really.  i'm reminded daily, this place is hopeless, in sin.
but because of Jesus.  and his precious blood.  we have hope.
when we were sinners?  hopeless, and worthless?  Jesus died for us.
shame on me for ever thinking this life is about me.
more of you, sweet Jesus, and less of me.


  1. I've had this song in my head for days thanks to this! Love it. I'm thankful for #letsgetpraisy.
    And really love your words about it.

  2. hah! i saw this too. and i think it's pretty awesome. i love, love, loooove the nato's blog.

    ps. we should totally shake it in the club one day. wouldn't that be a hoot? HOLLER.

  3. I loved watching all of these on instagram! Such a fun idea Jamie had!