Monday, December 3, 2012


well, folks.
it's time to confess a few things.

like that time i put roman's hair into a ponytail to try and envision what a future daughter might look like.
awwww, cute.
or that time i ate a whole order of cheese breadsticks.
in the parking lot of papa johns pizza.
{hey, it was a long day}
at least i was reading this AWESOME book, while consuming large amounts cheesy bread at ugly-fast rates. 
 or that time we went to panera three mornings in a row for a bagel breakfast.
and i realized 2 of the 3 days, homegirl here was wearing the same thing.
you can waste some time wondering if i slept in those HOTT black sweatpants and that giant nebraska football sweatshirt, or if i actually put on pajamas.
 or that one time i bought a bag of these babies.
and then i ate them all, that same day.
 oh, there's proof of my panera outtings.
i drove around with this glass of water while running errands.
next to me, at a stop light was a girl running.  as in - exercise....something a bit foreign to me these days
she grabs the cup, and i embarrassingly roll down the window, and say thanks when she hands me my glass of water.
i had about 23 of those wrappers [photo above] in my lap.
girl running > girl snarfing candy in day 2 clothes in her car.
or that time when i was too lazy to take roman anywhere.
and he was b.o.r.e.d.
so i had him burn energy while watching multiple youtube versions of the song "i like to move it move it"
 or that time i had this for lunch.

play on, play out.


  1. Your a girl after my heart. I'm not preggo and I would love to do all of those things!

  2. you are a FUNNY girl.

    dying that you put Romes hair up. dying. my boys would make cute girls too, fyi. ask me how i know;)

    and that is hysterical about the running girl.

    twain was singing really loud at ollie's school today, "Everybody dance now" from madagascar 3. i can't stop laughing at the picture of him jumping up and down.

    ahhhh. good stuff.

  3. OMG. i just died at the trampoline picture to move it, move it! BAHAAAA. that, my friend, is genius. GENIUS!

  4. I LOVE this post- so funny! And I really like the idea of the trampoline- I might need to use that idea this winter!!