Wednesday, December 5, 2012

family fotos.

she captured our family, with love, grace, patience, and a heart for little roman.
the fact that any of these turned out is amazing, it was 20 degrees. cloudy. dreary......... 
and roman was a.n.g.r.y. the whole time.
she, too has a little boy, madden.  
and she is a gem.
i found a new friend. and am so thankful for this sweet girl.  and so thankful for these photos.
it's so fun to see our family grow and change.  photography is such an amazing art, what a blessing it is to capture life.  
ok.  i'm done being cheesy.
but really, i'm just so thankful we can stop time and remember it with photos. 

mi familia. fall 2012.
[photo overload ahead]



  1. LINDSEEEEEEY!!! these are SO perfect. i'm in love. and your HAIIIIIR!!! (RIP). and roman's hair (RIP). holy hotness family!! whoa. gorgeous.

  2. i love these so much! you are so gorgeous! make them bigger on your blog pleasssssse!