Monday, December 17, 2012

if you're a PETA person, don't read this.

actually, it's not that cruel.  but some people go a bit crazy when you partake in animal things. 
like horse carriage rides.

but let's just move on.
you can't NOT go down to the plaza during christmas, if you live in KC.
and, you can't NOT go on a horse carriage ride.
(actually, you can avoid both if you want to save money)
but.  homegirl here did not protest, when mr leif wrote up on the calendar for last saturday, 
"christmas family fun day"

so, we finally got that tree up (i'll post about that later!) before roman's nap, and after? 
we bundled up and took off to the plaza.  

first stop?
romy sat there, top of the table, so cute while we waited for our warm drinks (and our cookie!)
he wore his "puffy coat and hat"..... a combo he is FINALLY beginning to accept.
[he was anti-puffy coat and itchy hat for a while, HA!]
and then we waited in line for like 20 minutes.
but this dude was a trooper.
there were people to watch, cars and trucks to admire, and horsey poop to giggle at.
and my only picture of a horse carriage.  is blurry.
but oh well.  we were in mid-ride, and i just couldn't get an action shot.... i mean, we were going like 1 mile an hour.  so you know, just hard to focus i guess?
 mi loves.
here we are mid-ride.
roman was pretty much in awe the whole time.
though, he spent most of the ride trying to find a "biiiiiiiiiiig truck"
he wasn't too successful.  sorry romes, not a lot of big trucks down around the plaza.
a night out isn't complete without noodles.
so, duh. off to our mecca, noodles and co.
 [he's got a thing for the "up-up-up-up stairs"]
we shared a drink.
don't even ask me about his backwashing issues.
 we double fisted our noo-noo's.
 and we did a mini photo shoot right therrrrr in da booth.
 then, he found an "owie"
 which led to labeling the parts on my face?
[be jealous. you know you wish you could have cheesy fingers touching your face, top friday night right there!]
 and.....the end.
we were home by 7:30!
i know!  score!


  1. you are funny. lol about your blurry pic. you WERE going fast. i'm surprised you weren't thrown from the carriage.

  2. This makes me miss living in KC so much! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. hehehe! you are so pretty with those red lips. what a fun adventure!! i wanna goooooo!!