Wednesday, January 2, 2013

winter days.

we spent the rest of december having perfect days full of christmas crafts, regular advent celebrations, magical smells of christmas goodies, happy family nights, healthy days, love, peace, and joy.


but, wouldn't that be swell.

moving on.
these eye lashes and those cheeks.  
oh heck, and those lips and that little nose.
 saturday morning donut deliveries have basically become a tradition.
i don't mind, neither do my sweatpants
 he loves to snuggle and hold hands
but typically just while we are watching a "show".
so, judge if you will, we've been hitting up the TV a lot bit.
hey, i'm pregnant, out of energy, and it's cold out.
he's bored. i'm bored. so why not snuggle?
also, he's got longer nails than me.
 he won't eat eggs.  its a texture thing.
but he loves to help crack them.
 we eat "smoomies" daily.
he tells me, "i don't like it noisy blender, momma"
but he clings onto me like a koala and manages to pull through that noisy blender.
then we sip our smoomies.
 i wrapped mr leif's deer antlers in twine.
it turned out ok.  
and then when we came home from being in nebraski over christmas, they were on the floor.
and the twine was all falling off.
i guess i can't hang stuff very well.
 dude.  look at him.
the tv is on? he totally vege's out.  it's scary. i know.
don't worry you tv haters.
mr leif cancelled our cable.
it's a thing he does.
we do cycles of cable.
a few months of cable, a few months without.
it seems like we always have it during football season? 
i'm just wondering what i'll do during those late night nursing sesh's.
last time i got awkwardly hooked on criminal minds.
 yeah.  it became a huge issue, and fast.
he found the "ddd's" or romy code for dvd's.
and he asks all day long to watch a moomie.
so i started lying and said our player was broken.
 we had an awesome girls night.  
jess, molly, amanda, and i got all dressed up, lookin cute, and went out on the town.
HA. kidding.
actually, we just hung out in our sweatpants and ate pathetic amounts of junkfood.
i'm so happy to have a "net" here in kansas city.
now, if we could all live on the same street, or start a commune.
oh yeah. and one day i spotted mr leif on pinterest.
actually he's on it a lot, nosey-ing around on my food board.
 but i didn't title it "these pins are for mr leif, he cooks, not me" for nothin.
dudes gotta check out my latest cravings.
 and this dude finally graduated away from bottles.
yep. no more milk in bottles for him.
which means no more milk, as he refuses to drink it from a cup.
but dang. he's eating us out of the house.
like today?  
breakfast: toast with honey, blackberries, and animal crackers
snack: wheat thins
lunch: noodles, 2 helpings of green beans and a bunch of blackberries, and then seconds on noodles
snack: wheat thins and crab dip left over from the husker game.
dinner: double cheeseburger from mcdonalds, because he said "i need meat momma" while we were running errands around 6, plus a whole banana, half an apple, wheat thins and cheese.
this kid used to be such a weird eater.
now he's like a madman who's starving all day.
ok, there!
stay tuned.
if i can get back into the swing of things, i'll write a bit about christmas.
and maybe i'll actually give you a pregnancy update! i'm 28 weeks!
and i might even share my motto/goal/plan for 2013.
don't get too excited...
romes doesn't really let me on the computer much anymore.
he gets jealous if i even try to type a quick email for bible study, and then he starts throwing things at the computer screen.
which then leads to a time out.  a few tears.  a little prayer together, and then me giving up on the email and finishing it later that night.

so blogging is slipping away.
but i'm sure when i have a baby in march i'll pick things up again.
because then i'll have all sorts of time on my hands.

kidding. i'll probably go all preggo nesting on you and write a bajillion posts this next month.

ok. dear me.  i need go put on some fluffy socks, this house has a draft or something.


  1. Lookin good mama Leif! I've been MIA too and my kiddos not even here yet. Happy new year!

  2. i lol'd at deardown!deardown!
    mr. leif on pinterest is a crack-up.
    a&e never drank milk again after that darn bottle.
    that they had til they were 5.
    oh..., wait.
    how are you 28 WEEKS?!! good golly on high.
    so you're not finding out the sex right?
    did i miss this convo somewhere?
    i'm guessing NO since yer 28 weeks and all.
    i don't like you no find outter people.