Thursday, January 10, 2013

11 days of christmas

i know, i know.
enough with the mid-january christmas posts.

but we went to nebraska for 11 days.
and i need to tell you about it!

i'll go really fast, ok?

i think i will use a "letter to roman" to narrative this lovely photo dump.

dear roman,
it was a thursday morning, and i packed up our car, we were headed back "home"!
daddy was going to join us on saturday, but you and i? we couldn't wait!
your aunt liza and cousins charlotte and hazel were already there, and we just had to join them :)
so, amongst the road closures because of the blizzard that had just concluded, we navigated our way home.  you actually slept for about 2.5 of the 5 hours that we were on the road!
but the other 2.5 hours were filled with your favorite, and totally boring to me, non-fiction john deere tractor movies and construction machine movies.
thanks to you, dear romy, i know when the john deere dozer was invented, why it was invented and where.  {something to do with orchards, and yakama, washington}

anyways, we made it "home" and the party got started.
because, hey, we like to party.

  1.  beautiful {um, holycow beautiful} beautiful snowy view out my window, on our drive home
  2. tryin out your new snow gear at mommy's aunt marce's house.  she's really your great aunt, but you call her aunt marce.  and you also ask to go to her house every single day.
  3. there's hazel.  she was taking a bath in the sink :)
  4. oh, that?  that's a massive train table that you were obsessed with at gma abbi's house.  you played with uncle cameron and the trains.  and then cameron said you could have it!  so now we have it at our house!  i think he's too old for it now :)
  5. ahhh, yes.  that's you with daddy's "sone" {you can't say your "f's" yet}  you are obsessed with daddy's "sone" and can successfully pull up a digger, loader, or dumptruck video all on your own.
  6. and there.  it began.  our first of many christmases.  though you can't tell, while you are playing nicely with a dozer and an excavator (i know, listen to me and my construction knowledge!) there were over 50 people in mommy's aunt elaine's house.  you did great!  until you had a meltdown.  then daddy took you back out to his mom's house, so you could go to sleep.  you like sleeping at gma abbi's house because you have a crib in the basement and it's pitch dark!

  1.  oh, there's hazel again!  all of these next photos are from our christmas with gma linda and gpa don, in the hotel!  you gave hazel that fluffy hat and mittens for christmas!
  2. you had so much fun with charlotte :)  she likes to kiss you and tickle your ear, and you usually don't like it, but you're getting better and telling her that.  she just loves you SO much!
  3. you ate lots of cookies.  you were on a silly sugar high one night until after 10pm!
  4. there's hazel, charlotte, and aunt liza singing on charlotte's new microphone!  they're gonna be in a band someday.  i think you'll be their biggest fan :)
  5. the rest of the pictures in this little group are self explanatory.  mommy's getting tired of typing :)

 after our hotel stay with mommy's family, we went to have christmas with daddy's family!  which means pack up our bags again, and go to another house, and another hotel!  you were a trooper :)  and, well, you LOVE swimming, so you were psyched to spend more time in the pool!

we ended our week with a haircut by megan!  she's mommy's cousin.  you call her aunt megan.  mommy is really close with her cousins so they are practically your aunts too :)
and then, mommy played a wild game with a bunch more of her cousins.  they were laughing so hard, i think some of them pee'd their pants.
you were getting pretty worn out by the last two days, but romes, you were such a trooper!
i counted up and we stayed at:
2 different houses, 3 different hotels, and we had 5 christmas celebrations to attend!

we are so blessed little romy, we have such big families that love us SO much!
every single day, you ask me "can i go to gma linda's house?" and "can i go to aunt marce's house?" and "can i go to hudson's house?" and "can i go to gma abbi's house?"
it breaks my heart that we can't just pick up and head to their houses, 
but we live in kansas city.
and we needed to come back home.

we'll start counting down until our next visit!
who knows, we'll probably have a little baby to take with us that time :)

your momma!

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  1. looks like a fabulous 11 days. So cute! love all the pics!