Friday, January 11, 2013

happy new year.

i'm on a roll with all these holiday posts.
i'm giving myself 13 gold stars.


ok. so one thing's for sure, when you become parents, your social life gets a bigggg adjustment.
but, when you get to parent with someone as sweet as my mr leif, the adjustment isn't as bad as it sometimes seems.  
too often i take for granted how seamlessly he has transitioned into fatherhood.
and i am SO grateful he has just as much fun in this stage as we did before kids.
don't get me wrong, we talk all the time about how different life is.
before romes, life was a lot simpler, packed with a much bigger social agenda, and we seemed to always make our way into a mexican restaurant for chips and salsa and happy hour weekly.  
just the two of us.
it's different now.  but it's so beautiful.
it's filled to the brim with the excitement of life that a little 2 year old boy bounces around exclaiming.

so, even though in the past, we may have gotten all fancied up and hit up the town for a rockin new years eve.....we weren't bothered one bit that this year our nye plans included a party at church, getting so excited about romy doing "flips" in the bounce house, and then getting home by 9pm, was glorious.
it's funny how things change :)
 it was such a pretty snowing night here in KC on nye.
mr leif and romes had a little snow ball fight when we got home.
but basically it consisted of daddy trying to nail his son with a snow ball, and roman chucking his sippy cup into snow drifts and laughing.

when we came inside, romy literally said to me, "mommy i wanna snuggle".
obviously i got all crazy excited.
so snuggle, we did.
 i wuv him.

and then roman's night was concluded with the daddy-son ritual, "push-ups".

 and mr leif and i popped a little bubbly.
mine, apple juice version.
his, the real deal.
me: jealous.
and then on new years day, i had this amazing dream develop.
how cool would it be if mr leif could work from home.
i get awfully lonely during the day without adult interaction.
this would be perrrrrrrfect.
oh my goodness, of course.
it was just a dream.
reality sank in on january 2.
mr leif went back to work, and romy jumped right in to his role as my little sidekick.

happy new year :)

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