Thursday, January 17, 2013

a boy and his dadda.

oh roman, you've started calling your daddy "case" on a regular basis now.
though, on this blog i refer to him as mr leif, most of y'all know, his name is casey.
and i usually call him "case" or "babe".

i suppose if i had to choose which one romy would latch onto, case does sound better than babe.
however, it's almost to the point that we need to like put him in time out or something, he says "case" all the time!  
"case, i need help"
"oh that be awesome, case!"
"oh case, soccer ball!"
"i promise did it, case!"

it's so adorable, but so not.
i want him to call him daddy.

but i don't really think mr leif minds.
he usually just gets this little evil grin on his face :)

so anyways.
romes and case.
they've become best friends.

and this is so good for my momma heart.
though roman still wants me RIGHT there with them, saying, "momma come too", non-stop....
he truly becomes happiest at 5:45 when his daddy gets home.

he used to run and hide and only want me.  thinking i was going to leave or something? i don't know.
either way, it's such a blessing to see them together.
and mr leif has taken full advantage of their blossoming relationship.

they play from the moment he walks in the door, until romes goes to sleep.
literally.  he does the bath (which is now a shower, because roman thinks he's cool) and bedtime.
it's like a little mini vacation.
mr leif comes home and swoops up his boy, and then i'm sort of like on "break".
and i love it.

and i also know our world will be rocked in about 10 weeks, so i'm soaking it up, as much as i can.
i love that mr leif.


  1. that is so adorbs that he calls him case! love it! so happy they are bonding--it will help you tons when you are dealing with a new baby. did you find out the gender yet? did i miss a big announcement somewhere?