Sunday, February 17, 2013

a bright future.

dear roman.
you are almost 2 and a half years old.
2 years and 4 months to be exact.

i don't particularly enjoy thinking about your future, mostly for selfish reasons....
i'd rather not think about you dating,
i'd rather not think about you going off to college,
i'd rather not think about you getting married,
i just want to think that you'll be my little boy forever. ok? ok!

however, lately, you've been exploring your future a bit.
it seems as if you're dabbling into a little career research, to see what might suit you best as a provider some day.

i thought i might take a few notes.
you know, in case your high school days come and you aren't sure what to pursue in college?
maybe this little list could guide you?
dude, you're screwed.  your momma is an ex-school counselor, and i've got gobs of info on career prep that's just begging to be poured out into your eager little ears..... hehehe [cue: evil laugh]

so let's begin, shall we?
like i said.  you've begun researching.
we hit up the library last saturday for our first successful library visit.
unsuccessful trips in the past have included things like:
throwing books, running through the isles, jumping off the stairs, and throwing books.
but this time, you rose up to a whole new level.
we got right down to business.
 after we did some research, we began trying out a few careers you found interesting.
first up?  daddy's office.
you seemed like a natural sitting behind a desk.
cookie? check.
feet up? check.
all the ladies swooning? check.
 next, you spent a little time in the tech department:  aka, daddy's ipad.
you picked up ipad skills as such a rapid rate, it sort of freaked me out.
you slide the little thing over, and then sort through the apps til you find anything associated with trucks, or puzzles, or whatever animated buttons your pudgy little fingers can find.
i don't think technology is a great choice for you though.
you see, every time i tell you it's time to be "done" with the ipad, you freak out.
it's like WW3 up in here.
and you also started demanding the ipad upon waking up in the morning.
i sort of had to hide any trace of the ipad now.
[it's hidden in daddy's beside table]
i think another career might be better suited for you, your wife won't be to hip on coming home to a gamer.
 we spent a little time in the culinary arts department.
you really shine when you start to whip up a batch of cupcakes [photo below]
you're so proud of your work, and you get the biggest thrill of watching your customers [me] devour your food.
i do think the culinary arts would be a great area for you.
and i DO know that your wife would love to have a husband that cooks.  i know your momma does!
 romes, you're holding onto your rural nebraska roots.  
you have a slight passion for all things farm.
so, it didn't surprise me when you wanted to try out horseback riding.
while you were hesitant at first, we've been back a few times, and you're really becoming a natural.
yee-haw, dude.  yee-haw.
 and, it came with no surprise that you truly excel in anything that includes the outdoors.
you love manual labor.
and while, manual labor could get real old, real fast, i think you might like to get a few part time manual labor jobs when you get a bit older.  
i already have plans for you to mow the yard, take trash out, pull weeds, and of course, i'd be delighted to help you make little business cards to pass out around the neighborhood!  it's never too early to start earning your keep, little one.
he. hehehe.
 construction will always be your second love.
i am, of course, your first.
but construction? big machines? you go caraaaaaaazy up in here with anything construction.
below, you'll see, you've constructed a crane.  
and i think you're about to load something up in your loader.
 you might consider being a weather man as well.
you're pretty interested in finding the sun, the moon, whether or not it's dark out, when it's snowing or raining, and you really love to talk about things "wayyyy up up up up in the sky"
 now.  listen dude.
home depot is probably right next to your love of construction.
and home depot means tools and wood and forklifts and "stuff"
so, naturally, daddy's garage is a mini mecca for you.
yes.  an orange home depot apron would look mighty fine on you.
 in case you weren't sold on my previous declaration,
you're obsessed with construction stuff.
[cue: nakey toddler in a hardhat]
 however, don't settle too fast.
your future in the music department is starting to look a little brighter with each dance session we have.
here you are with your new (thrifted) guitar.
you pluck those strings.  you shake that booty.  and you work it for yo momma.
baby got back.
 and, we'll end with a lovely little photo of you dabbling in the culinary arts again.
here you're making cookies.
you want to do everything "by myself, momma".
so all of these "fun" little things i try and do with you become little disasters because you refuse my help.
you little independent chef!
look at you go!
and that concludes our little career prep research project.
roman, i think your future's looking bright.
but seriously little one, i'll be rooting for you, whatever you decide to do!
and if you want to live with your momma forever? that would be awesome.
you really shouldn't ever grow up.


  1. you are such a devoted mama!

    LOVE the library pics!!!

  2. Love this, so sweet! Amazed at your preggo energy, lol