Friday, February 15, 2013

let's talk about food, baby.

this blog is actually going to get "foodie" all up on ya.
i know.
who woulda thought?

lindsey? writing about the kitchen?
for those of you who don't know me well,
you'll know that while i DO like to cook.....i get anxious and easily frustrated, and now that i have a kid pulling at my shirt NON stop when i try to cook, i've resorted to allowing mr leif do lots of the cooking.
because scary things happen when i'm anxious and easily frustrated in the kitchen.
pyrex bowls get set on stove tops and blow up.
butter gets melted in the microwave without realizing there's eggs in the bowl too, then you get scrambled eggs along with your melted butter.  and those eggs needed to be beat in the mixer, not scrambled.
you know, silly things like that.  

but i actually made something really good.
it's good.
it's healthy.
it's colorful.
it's creamy.
 but before y'all get all "whoa! she CAN cook" up in here.....
the rest of this post is about things i've been eating that i really haven't necessarily cooked.
can i get a "what what" for ice cream sandwiches?
yes. that's what i thought.
you want one now too.
 and hello.
krispy kreme donuts.
they are far too close to our house.
mr leif and roman deliver donuts on saturdays.
to me.
normally, they go to fluffy fresh donuts just a couple blocks away.
but one time they went to krispy kreme.
and momma didn't mind.
 these are roman's pancake waffles for me.
he cooks me things with his playdough.
and his play dough is all mixed together.
all the beautiful colors, ugh, now big lumps of brown.
and he doesn't even care?
where is his eye for pretty things, people?
sigh.  perhaps, i'll just embrace his love for cooking, and continue fake eating these pancake waffles.
[i know.  i know.  they look like poo.]
 mr leif made me mini cheesecakes.
he said he found them on my pinterest board.
hotdang. they were good.
he claims they're not too unhealthy.
he used greek yogurt.
 on valentine's day eve, i called mr leif on his way home from work and said i really wanted belgian waffles with homemade whip cream and fresh strawberries.
mr leif gets all excited when i make meal requests.
i know, i shouldn't brag, but i can't help it.
a wife is allowed to brag about her husband.  it's good for their marriage. amen.
so anyways, he really loves to cook and normally i don't have much of an appetite.
so he was all pumped to make me this.
he even put the kitchen aid mixer bowl in the freezer as a prep step, he claims it's better for whipping the whip cream.
man i love him.
[is your mouth watering over this photo?]
so there!
a foodie post.
given to you by 34 week preggo, me.

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