Monday, February 25, 2013

baby number two. [36/40 weeks]

little baby love, 
you are growing. growing. growing!

other then some massive heartburn in the evenings, shortness of breath any time i lay on my back or lounge back in a chair, and a fear that your head is literally as things are just swell :)

i keep wondering, yikes.  how do women have 4 kids? this time around things are so much different than my first!  it's all so wonderful though.  truly.  just different.  maybe more difficult and uncomfortable?  but beautiful.  a gift.  and i'm cherishing  these preggo moments.

oh little baby, you move like crazy.  i suppose it's moves like jagger?
your big brother is pretty much in love with you.  he gives you hugs and kisses every day.  
and he frequently asks me if the baby is going to come out.  and tells me i have a "BIIIIIIIIIIG tummy".
oh, pregnancy through a 2 year old's eyes is an entertaining thing :)

little baby, i still have no clue if you are a boy or a girl.
sometimes i catch myself assuming that it's not decided until you actually come out!
it's like i forget you're already a little boy or little girl waiting to meet us!
i have complete contentment with whatever gender you are :)
we are just here waiting, ready to hug and love and squeeze and snuggle you right up!

i've had a few nights of some contractions.  but nothing too alarming!
it has given me quite the flash back to being pregnant the first time!
though they are so painful, the absolute full on tightness of my stomach when i'm having a contracting is crazy! mr leif and i sort of are amazed at the wonder of it all :)  
my check ups are going well, so we are just fine having a few contractions every now and then!

however.... i'd much prefer this baby to stay in there until my due date.  or EVEN AFTER.
yes.  little one, i'm actually ok if you want to stay inside momma for a bit longer than normal.
we are packing up our house [it sold!] and will be "homeless" for about two weeks between this home and the next one!  so we don't exactly have a home to bring you until 2 days before your due date :)
so, you just wait, ok?
thank you :)

and now, 
for some photos of the bump!
[erg, did i mention i got lots of stretch marks this time around? hmph there goes that bikini i was dying to wear. HA. ha. HA. kidding.]


[30 weeks.  little sidekick and me.  on our way to the baby doctor]

[32 weeks.  takin this babybump out on the town]

 [32 week check up.  that little dude on the left got to participate today]

[he was a natural]

[33 weeks.  day 3 hair.  comfy clothes..... the uze]

[34 weeks.  momma's hiding from a certain 2 year old, in the laundry room, with her staples: tj's white cheddar puffs and water.  sometimes we "bump heads" and momma just needs a break and a prayer.] 

[35 weeks.  roman is pumped to hear the "beat beat" again.  this time, he got to hold the monitor and push the buttons.  he was stoked.  momma was too.]

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  1. you are so adorable!

    can't wait to find out what you are having!!!