Wednesday, May 22, 2013

that one time we were homeless.

alrighty, let's try this again.  regular blogging.
well, truth be told, i can't seem to stay on top of life, so blogging has taken the back burner.
but these last few months need to be remembered.
the chaos, the hard stuff, the good stuff, the new baby stuff....i must write about it!
so, buckle your seatbelts, i just turned on PBS for romes, and archer is milk drunk and passed out on my bed.

it's go time.

so, way back on march 13th we walked out of the green house for the last time.

though, i couldn't really be too emotional...... i was exhausted, trying to pack us up for the next three weeks of limbo, my head was spinning like the roccoplane carnival ride from my hometown's summer festival, and i felt like any crazy stress induced freak out sesh would land me in the hospital with early labor. so, i "kept calm and carried on". and made lists. and more lists.  somewhere in the next three weeks, we would potentially have a new baby born, so that was all sorts of awesome to try and prepare for as well :)

here's our gear for our season living as nomads:

meds had to make the packing list, because romes got a horrific virus and rash days before we moved out.  my sanity continued to be tested. 
{the starbucks was for me}

bags packed, boxes loaded, and on our way.

all along, we have been trying to get into our new house.  
but things can get complicated with real estate these days.
and so, we were on a roller coaster of constant ..... "you can get in on this day!" YAY! 
and then ...... "oh wait, nevermind, we need to process this and that and do this paperwork"
and then "ok! you can get in on this day!" YAY!
and then..... "ooops, we were wrong, still not ready"

again, a super dooooper test of our patients, and truly, remembering how to find perspective amongst chaos.
and the take-all, gratitude.  always searching for gratitude.

. . .

so our first night away, we headed down to the burbs, to a hotel with a pool.
my mother in law came down to help me with roman, as mr leif had to go to work, and hauling bags and tubs out of cars and up into hotel rooms was hard to do when i was about to pop.
also, i have a toddler who runs around like a mad man and i don't always know how to control him.
judge me if you want.
 roman lasted about 10 minutes in the pool and then he asked to go home.
and his demands to go home continued to filter in throughout the night.
mr leif didnt get in to the hotel until about 1am because he was finishing up a few things at the old house.
roman wouldn't fall asleep because he was too big for his pack n play, and he was begging to go home.
so i cried myself to sleep, wondering how i would ever get through these next few weeks.
there was no way, i didn't think it was possible.
i felt defeated.
i knew i needed to be grateful.
we had a hotel to stay in for now, family who loves us, friends offering to help, and a God who's plan would reveal itself regardless of how many dang lists i made....
but still, i couldn't' seem to see how this was all going to work.
obvi, my preggo hormones were raging.
i wanted to just go back to how things were, in our old house.
i wanted to be in my bed, setting up a space for the baby in that house, giving roman his comfort and his routine, i wanted to go back home!  but darn, we just sold it!
to be continued...
[i've secretly always wanted to write that at the bottom of a post]

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