Thursday, May 23, 2013

still homeless...

the week we moved out of our house, we had a family tragedy back home in nebraska.
my uncle passed away, and i wasn't going to miss being there for my aunt and sweet cousins.  
our family is uniquely large and super when things like this happen, we all flock together.

i was 38 weeks pregnant, so i called my doctor to get permission, and she granted it.
she gave me tips on stopping every hour or so for the drive home so i didn't swell, and also making sure i had a hospital located back in nebraska in case i went into labor while i was home.
and since our bags were already packed for the next couple weeks, heading to nebraska wasn't hard to prep for.  
basically we just rode the elevator down to the lobby with out stuff, haha.
i got in my car, my mother in law got in hers, she followed me to a friend's house where i parked my car, then i got in with her and roman, and we embarked the 4.5 hour trip north.

 [[romes and sweet hazey]]
 when our family gathers, there's usually lots of talking, laughing, opinion giving, food, games, food, wine, food, and more food, and usually some more wine.
my sweet cousin megan also threw in a foot massage and pedicure, FOR THE WIN.
she has a servant heart.  and she's good at what she does :)
roman also got to go out to gma abbi's and play with uncle cam.
this is not only a nice break for me, but my little dude is truly in his element out in the country.
wide open spaces.
farm stuff.
and family who loves him to pieces.
we love being back home.

this trip, which turned into about 5 days, was the perfect rescue to my hopeless state i was feeling when we were in kansas city.  God knew i needed a break, before i literally was about to break.

i love my family, i love going home.  nebraska will always be home.

that weekend mr leif drove up to pick us up and we all sandwiched in his truck and headed back to the city.  
we still didn't have a house, so it would have been easier to just stay at my parent's house....after all they totally took care of roman, i just lounged around :)
but, i was about to have a baby, and things would be easier in the long run if i just went back "home"....

some of our close friends went on vaca for the week and they were letting us stay at their place,
so upon arriving in the KC, we headed to our 3rd destination of the trek.
little romes was a trooper.

still no baby, still no house!

[. . . to be continued]

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  1. that is so sad about your uncle! i am so sorry!

    so nebraska is your home state, eh? my sister used to live there. twice. i visited her and was terrified by the tornados!