Thursday, May 30, 2013

going "home".

oh, this day.
this day was hard for me.

it was wednesday, march 27th, and my doctor and i decided that i would be induced the next morning (thursday!) because she was going to be out of town for a week starting on friday, 
and i really wanted her to deliver me.  
plus, i was already dilated to a 4.  
and plus plus, i needed to just know when this baby was coming at this point.  
the house stuff had me wanting to run to the nearest pool of xanax and do a swan dive right in.

let's start at the beginning.

casey had a meeting at work he had to be at, so my dad and brother went to go pick up the wood floors, or maybe it was the washer and dryer? i don't even remember at this point.  regardless, we were all up and going at the crack of dawn.

my mom, roman and i packed up the room and headed down to load up the cars.
i'm sure anyone who saw us on the elevators that day thought we were cray.
and, well, we were.
matter of fact, we got in the elevator and just stood there for a good couple minutes talking before we even realized no one pushed the button.  
and at that point you just start laughing, because if you don't, you'll cry :)
our first stop was target, because duh, why not.
we needed stuff.  probably cleaning supplies.  again, i can't remember.
but we ended up strolling through the isles and eating pizza.
and then we had to change someone's diaper, so he assumed this position:
for a second (or maybe it was a minute) we thought about just leaving him back there so he could nap.
but then we realized a fender bender could really not be good in this situation.

and then we were off to the house,
i was a bit scared to go in, because i knew it was all tore up...
but romes had no fear.
in fact, he thought he would just jump right in and start vacuuming.
while everyone worked, i began to freak out.
the carpet layers weren't even half done.
we already checked out of the hotel.
where were our beds even at?  the storage unit? i couldn't remember where they were.
i was supposed to go in the next morning bright and early to have the baby, but i wasn't sure how we would even get to tomorrow morning...
so, i did the most logical thing i could think of, i called my friend krista :)
she let us come over and take a nap in her guest room.  that girl knows how to love well, i tell ya!
so we took a ginormous nap. momma, romes, and thumper.

i felt refreshed and ready to head back "home" to see what needed to be done next.  
as if i could really do anything, i was literally waddling like a duck.
when i got home, the carpet layers were arguing with each other in spanish, mom was vacuming and cleaning everything in sight, and i don't even know what mr leif was doing.  something, probably laying the wood floors?  
regardless, i freaked out.
it was getting late, and we still had no beds.  heck, no where to sit.
i sat down on the plywood for a bit, and started to have really strong contractions.

and then i left.

i drove to sonic, balling the whole way there.
i was having contractions regularly and didn't want to be.
i couldn't have the baby.
my mom wouldn't have anything or anywhere to go, and she was supposed to watch roman, and the house wasn't ready, and... and... and...
i called my sister and told her something, i don't know what, and she said she would fly to KC asap.

and for some reason that made things seem a bit more manageable.  

on the way home i called mr leif and said we needed to focus on tomorrow, and what we needed to do before the morning came...
first up, unload the car with our suitcases. 
so we did that.
and then i told mr leif i needed those mattresses hauled in. we needed beds, and it was already dark out.

so we set up the mattresses in our room and in one other bedroom for gma and roman.
and then we ate sonic.
and i spilled on the brand new carpet.

and then we filled the tub for our little love, found some bath toys in a box, and threw romes in for a scrub a dub.
and then?????
we relaxed.
and breathed.
and our exhausted bodies all went to sleep, we had a big day ahead of us!

well, i didn't sleep.
but that's ok.  
who sleeps the night before they have a baby anyways?


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