Monday, May 27, 2013

third stop!

don't let this picture fool you:
roman continued to be a rockstar on what was now our 3rd "stop" between moves.
that's just roman in his barney trance. 
[he really loves barney, and riff, and bj, and babybop]

. . . 

our sweet, dear, lovely friends (hi, porters!) went on vacation and let us stay in their home for the week!
normally, being 39 weeks pregnant, not having a home, and living out of suitcases would have made staying in someone else's house a bit cray for me...but amanda is so dear to my heart, and i truly felt at home.

roman got to sleep in his friend's bed, and play with toys that he already has played with multiple times before.  the porters blessed us so much with letting us stay in their home.  and, well, i'm just continually being reminded how the body of Christ comes together to love and support each other when it's needed.  God is so good to us, friends are truly the balm to so many sticky life situations.  we love our friends.

that week at the porters i started having lots of contractions.  
one particular night, i ended up having mr leif call my momma and ask her to come down from nebraska, i was quite positive i would end up havin that baby soon.  so, my mom decided to come the next afternoon.  um.... HOORAY!!!
the relief i felt knowing she would be here to help with roman, especially if i went into labor, was awesome.
you see, my main concern through this whole shebang was roman.
how would he adjust to moving around from place to place?
how would he sleep?
would he just beg to go home?
how would he handle momma going to the hospital?
who was going to watch him when we needed to go have this baby?  
and having my mom here fixed all of those worries, she would help him adjust, be there for him, and spoil him way too much..... and that would be just perfect :)

. . . 

then it hit me.
tomorrow would be my last day with just roman.
me and him, him and me.
yes, i'm going there, sappy mc sapperson.

the end of such a sweet 2.5 years as just the two of us.
i was all emotional (still am! ha!) and thought i needed to make some sweet little memories with my baby.

so we found a random bakery and stuffed our faces with giant cinnamon rolls.
[and then roman pooped in the bakery and stunk it up]

and then we went to trader joes.
and didn't buy anything.
but, boy did he fill that little cart with things we pretended we would buy.
and he bumped into people (on accident!) and into the isles of food,
and i had a big dirty spot right on my chest from dropping the cinnamon roll on myself,
but we had fun.
and i love my little boy.

and then we ended our little jaunt with a target trip.
because, obvi. target is the ultimate mom and kid outing.
(and actually, i went for a bag of easter candy, because i figured at this point, i needed little chocolate eggs to bribe my toddler into compliance... i'm just a really awesome mom sometimes, duh.)

there's always a ton of other moms at target with their screaming kids too, 
so when your kid starts running around through the isles and chucking underwear over the the top of clothes racks, you sort of don't have to feel as bad.  
you kinda get nods of "yep, i've been there" from the other moms.
and when you get the looks of "what the heck are you doing here with your crazy child and a baby that is about to fall out?" you just tell yourself maybe they are having a rough day want to give you nasty looks to make themselves feel better, and you are doing the best you can!!!!!

oh we had a good time that last day.
but boy were we ready for gma linda to come rescue us.  both.

because, next stop?
the FINAL stop?

a hizzy hizzy hotel.

stay tuned for my babycation, right here in KC.....
a 5 night stay at embassy suites.


  1. you are too funny!

    love your crazy self!!! and i might have gotten misty eyed when talking about your last debut with Roman...

  2. That last pic of you and Roman...his face is so great!