Friday, June 14, 2013

a trip back home

home, home on the range.
where the deer and the toddler boys play.

 [roman and my cousin katie's son hudson]

we love going back home to nebraska.
i know i say it all the time, but we have beautiful, huge, amazing families.
they love us and support us and when we are back home it just feels so GOOD!

we love kansas city, but there's something about having your family love on your children.
it's bliss.

my mom and her sisters all live in the same little town of 1200 people.
so when we go back, we get to see so many aunties and cousins :)
i'm so happy that roman is starting to develop relationships with them.  
i have countless memories growing up with my cousins, i so badly desire that for him!

archer was the star of the show.
here he is just chillaxin on gma while we sip some wine :)
we had a bbq at my mom's house one night, and i dont think i saw the kid once.
he just got passed from one beautiful cousin to the next :)

roman didn't get left out either, i mean, the dude has his gma's wrapped around his finger.

every day he would wait by gma linda's window to see if his uncle cam would walk over after school!
it was the cutest little site to see.
he even got to help gpa kurt plant some corn

and sweet aunty cousin Vanessa chased him around for hours

i didn't really want to leave nebraska.
 i didn't want to come home to my strange new house.
i didn't want to be alone with my little boys.
i didn't think i could do it.

it was so easy to be back "home".
archer loved it......

romy loved it...

and i loved it.

and while we were there, this little dude turned one month! 

but, alas, home to KC we had to go.
and let me tell ya. it was quite the drive.
archer screamed a lot, 
so then roman screamed, "get me outta here!!!"  and "mom!! otcha's cryin!!!"

it was a doozy.

but soon enough we were back home.
ready to take on a new month, welcome MAY!
and welcome foot massages.

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