Monday, June 17, 2013

i have two boys. TWO!

i have to chuckle.
never did i ever imagine having two sons.
when i drempt of children, i think i always trailed down the path of having daughters.
sons too, but most definitely daughters.
i always imagined how i would dress them.
i imagined going through life with them, experiencing the things i once experienced.
you know, girly sleep overs, dances, prom, etc.
and now i kind of wonder if i will ever get a daughter?
we shall see!

for now though, i don't quite mind only having boys :)
i love that i get to raise these little men.
these little leaders.
besides, mr leif gets to teach these mini men how to grow up and be just like him!

sometimes i just sit back and think how funny it is... our plan vs God's plan.
we have these visions, these ideas, and sometimes they just won't ever play out.
and it might be hard to accept, but truly, God's plan is bigger and better.

these little boys are just beginning their relationship that will last a lifetime.
and, WHOA. i get to help mold it.
how awesome is that!
and how scary is that!

it's pretty neat to see such a tender place in roman's heart open up, and let archer in.

he hasn't been too rough with him yet,
and if he does bump him (once a book to the forehead, and the other time a knee to the cheek. oops) roman is so quick to say, "oh, sorry archa" and "you're ok archa".

often times i'll lay archer down and ask roman to play by him so that archer can watch him.
little romes doesn't skip a beat.
he loves telling archer all about his machines :)

and i'm quite certain archer man loves to listen.

we've now reached the status where i can trust roman to be in the same room as archer and not worry that he will throw a ball at his face, or something to that extent.
when we first brought archer home, there were all those little worries.
but now, i really have a trusting peace that roman has his brother's best interest in mind :)

ask me in a year, when A is swiping his toys away.
it's gonna be CRAY up in here.

 but really,
their relationship is in full bloom.

and i'm SO grateful that i get to be home with them each day to watch it bloom.
God is so good to me, even though i can be so impatient and selfish with my parenting, He continues to be faithful and sustain me through the crazy moments, forgive me for my mistakes, and give me mercies each morning to try again with these two little boys.

oh, my heart is full.


  1. they are so so precious lindsey!

  2. How did I miss this news? Congratulations! :)