Wednesday, July 24, 2013

archer man is {was} 2 months old!

wayyyyy back in may, may 28th to be exact, baby archer turned 2 months old :)

well, hello there little 2 month old arch!

we had your 2 month check up 
and you weighed in like my prized little piggy at the fair, as a 13 pounder.
you were not so hot with the whole shots thing.  your big brother didn't mind them as much as you seem to... so naturally i'm already breaking out in hives when i think about your 4 month appointment coming up (not really hives, but i'm like really nervous.  don't hurt my baby, ya hear?!)

and here is you, in photos, in your 2nd month of life my little archer man.

check out that archer's pose.  my little hunter in the making.

back away ladies, he's all mine.

no really, he's mine.  back away.

he's daddy's too.

our little snuggle bunny.

peeeeeeek! see those little fingers?  ahhhh. i die.

 face decoration, c/o romes, the big bro.

the double fist sleepy pose.

     oh sweet archer, you're scrumptious.

you kick all day long!
and you squeal!
and you breathe in and out really fast when you get all excited!
and you have this twinkle in your eye, it's beautiful.
you're beautiful.
 we love you like crazy.

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  1. killing me with the baby fever over here!!!!!!!