Thursday, August 15, 2013

a good day.

today was good.
it started with the sun pouring in.
actually, since archer wakes up every 1-2 hours, there's hardly an end or beginning to these days of mine.
but when the sun comes up, i declare it the next day :)

we had a slow morning.
archer took a nap longer than 20 minutes (miracle!).
so i took a shower.
and then he wasn't crying by the time i got out (miracle!)
so i had time to blow dry my hair.  totally have no clue the last time this happened.

little arch has been sick for a while, bad cold and ear infection, but today he was on fire!
like a good fire!
squealing machine.
so happy.
oh i love him.
and i guess i love antibiotics? cuz dang they worked quick!

finally, about noon, we were all ready and dressed and groomed.
so we decided to go visit daddy.
i dread car rides with these too.  archer HATES the carseat.
my anxiety about took over somewhere between K-7 and K-10, when both kids were screaming.
but i pushed through and we made it without any major momma breakdowns.

upon arrival, romes had a potty accident right on the lobby of the office, but a quick clean up and pants change plus some nice subway sandwiches made for a mighty fine visit to daddy :)  oh, and roman gets gobs of candy from the secretary, so that always helps too.
roman didn't nap when we got home, but neighbor girl ashley doesnt start school until monday, so she came and played "workin on the house" with him (his dream, to work on the house with the neighbor girls, totally combines both of his loves)

but the nap thing..... instead he passed out on the couch at about 5:15, so when mr leif got home a bit after 6 we woke him up to go see the machines (behind our house....ahhh road construction)

we never did have dinner tonight... i think romes had some yogurt while meandering through the house for dinner, i had gobs of chocolate covered almonds and a bowl of coffee ice cream, and mr leif warmed up some left over lasagna.  archer of course had milk.

mr leif had lots of work to do, so he was off in the dining room on the computer after he gave our little snickers chunky a bath (that's archer).
i got archer to bed around 8:30. (note....archer has since woken up multiple times, ugh, and i've feed him once)
and then, it was just a romes show, he loved it.

he watched john deere for a bit, he could watch that movie forever.  the dvd has begun to wear down.  i know more about those dang machines then i could have ever imagined, purely from second hand listening.

and not long after it began, he got his machines out, and soon the living room rug was covered with back hoes, tractors, dump trucks, trash trucks, and a big red toy van.

he was driving people to get pizza, instructing that they all "sit down if you want pizza!"
and he was crashing his dump truck into archer's baby mat over and over, giggling hysterically.
he was naked, too, of course, because we're potty training over here.

but anyways.
it ended with romes finally going up to bed at 10:20.
he was happy. goofy. and a wild mess.

it was a good night.
and i just want to remember these years, these days, these moments.
i love being a momma. i love being a wife.

these days are challenging. the nights are so long.  but they are so so good.


  1. hi, lindsey!

    we don't know each other at all, but my friend ashley (wergin) told me i should read your blog cause we have a lot in common. it's crazy - we do! and...rather than be a creeper, i wanted to say hi.

    i live in lincoln and teach first grade at sheridan with ashley, but used to teach at elliott elementary before that. my husband and i have two little boys (2 and 4 mo). we met through the navigators in college at unl.

    your boys are just darling. and i love the pictures and posts about them of the few posts i've read on your blog. especially about your oldest's love of the john deere dvd. watched that gem a few times around here too. sometimes my husband, will, sings the song...that gets put to a stop quickly.

    mostly, though, i wanted to say thanks for the post you wrote recently about struggling as a mama and wife and how jesus fits into all that. i read it and was like, i wish i could have coffee with this girl. furrill. this mom/wife gig is the most absolutely breathtakingly beautiful journey of my life. and sometimes i just feel so...lost in it all. like, overwhelmed with the amount of love that can fit in my heart. overwhelmed with the little sweet moments i wish i could freeze forever. overwhelmed with figuring out how to help my oldest learn to manage his independence. overwhelmed with my own selfishness in my marriage. overwhelmed with comparison to mom bloggers that seem to have every.freaking.thing. figured out and managed.

    and then jesus, by his grace, reminds me that when i feel like i can't it is BECAUSE i can't. i was designed to need him. to need his power in my incapability. i was encouraged to read your similar reminder.

    anyway, thanks for letting this lurker hear your heart. if you want to check out our family, i am smithats on instagram and is my blog.

    i tried to send this in an email but the email you have listed didn't work!

  2. why you gotta be so pretty?
    i miss reading your blog.
    and i miss writing on my blog.
    happy for your good day :)

  3. beautiful girl. I love this post of yours. I think you're wise. because you recognize that a good day does not mean one without bad or hard or frustrating things in it-- it's one that has GOOD moments and sweet things you want to remember.
    sigh. I'm with Molly, this makes me miss blogging, just writing about our days! I should do that. in my spare time. sigh again.
    your boys are so cute I cant stand it, by the way!! :)

  4. oh my gosh! i love that last photo of you and your man. so sweet. and your littlest dude!?! so adorable.

    cheers for showers and no meltdowns! ;)

  5. You had me at, "we never really did have dinner". That's how we roll too.