Thursday, August 15, 2013

a date with my roman

this summer has been so graciously sprinkled with lots of family time :)
 a long visit home to nebraska in june, and multiple visitors (mostly including our grandmas!) and even a his second solo trip back to nebraska by romes!

he could tell you all about sutton.  
he could tell you all about the farm, and probably label almost every piece of farm machinery that gpa kurt owns.
he's smitten with our little small town nebraska ways.
walking to get donuts with gma linda, visiting great grandma leona on their way home...
hours and hours at the farm with the cows and "workin' on stuff"...
tinkering around out in the country at gma abbi's...
and meandering through gma linda's backyard.
he's in love with it all.

the downside of this, however, is leaving nebraska, or having to say goodbye to our visitors.
poor little roman just cries and cries... he wants to go with his grandmas when they leave, and after spending 4 days in nebraska without momma - all by himself - he told gma linda that he didn't want to go back to kansas city.  ok, REALLY?  what kid doesnt need their momma? wahhhhh.  
(probably the kid who is spoiled just a TAD when he's back in nebraska)

one morning (see the photo below) roman was particularly sad...full of tears...needing his gma's

since i've been feeling so out of it lately, mr leif and i decided i needed to get out of the house and it was time to take romes to a movie!  he's never been to the movie theater before :)

daddy got roman dressed, and did his hair 
(while i almost had a mini break down in my closet trying to fit into my clothes...ha)


when you get to experience life through your child's eyes, it's so much more beautiful.
they see things with such a raw sense of awe and wonder.  i love his enthusiasm.

i think he would have been satisfied to stay right here, in the "lobby" of the theater.
he kept saying "wow momma, it's like an airport!!"

of course, we got the snack pack, and he is still talking about his pop, popcorn, and skitties (skittles)

we went to despicable me 2.  
we haven't seen despicable me 1, but neither of us knew the difference :)

i just couldn't stop staring at him, so little, sitting in such a big theater seat!
his little body couldn't keep the weight of the seat down, so it kept sandwiching closed on him.  
i had to hold it down for the majority of the time.
but i didn't mind, seeing my little boy next to me in the theater made me all nostalgic for the good old days with my mr leif - - - our high school dating days were full of trips to the movies.
i felt so blessed to be able to sit in the theater with my little guy.
towards the end of our time there, i just grabbed him and plopped him on my lap, he snuggled right in!

about 45 minutes in, roman looked up at me and said "i'm ready to go now momma!"
"ok romes!" i said...
i used to be more picky with "getting our money's worth" with things...
i always thought i should finish my drink at a restaurant, or stay til the end if we paid to see some sort of event, but mr leif has since cured me of this guilty feeling.  he's always been more of the "we already paid, it doesn't matter how long we stay or if we finish what we ordered" type of guy.  
having that attitude is actually really freeing :)

so i had no problem with getting up and leaving when he (so politely!) said he was ready to go!

we walked out into the lobby, and he was again obsessed with looking around, and imagining all sorts of crazy things that would take place in such a tall space.  he talked about a crane taking him way up on top of the "biiiiig buildin'!" so cute.  oh, i love him and his bursting vocabulary!

he held tight to his "pop" until we got home :)

oh my roman joe, you are a light in my life.
many days you stretch my patience thin, but you sure fill my love tank up fuller than full, little buddy.
i love you my romedoggydog.
and, i can't wait to go on another date with you my little love.

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