Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the zoo.

if you're within a 5 hour radius of omaha, you've probably been to the ahhhhhmazing omaha henry doorly zoo.  if you haven't?  you should go.  even if you're not a huge animal fan (me) you should still go, it's just really cool.  and if you are freaked out by butterflies everywhere (me), sometimes landing on you, then just don't go into the butterfly exhibit thing.  and, if you live in kansas city (me) then just skip the KC zoo and head north to omaha.  because this zoo can not even compare.
sorry kc zoo fans.  but really, get your booty to omaha.  you'll thank me later.

but anyways, we went to the kansas city zoo a couple weeks ago.
it was so hot and sticky and muggy that day.
but we actually had a really great time.
and i didn't pack us any lunches or drinks, so we got to eat yummy zoo food! (nasty hot dog and pretzel with way too much salt!)
but romes earned himself a yummy cherry zoo slushie, so all was good in toddler land.

me, being the momma bear of the family is always trying to get us to do these "fun family things!" other mommas probably understand this kind of thing, we like to formulate radiant ideas in our mind, and think they'll be just perfect!  trips! picnics! family outings!  mostly, they're more work than we ever imagined, and mostly, one could say it's just easier to stay home, but us momma's...we like to try and make a memory or two :)

SO, it was off to the zoo!

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