Wednesday, August 14, 2013

our neighbor grils

when we lived in the green house (sniff sniff, still miss that neighborhood) we didn't really interact with neighbors.
it was always my desire to get to know them more, but all of the women worked during the day, so i didn't get to see them out on walks or at the park.  and the evenings and weekends--they all seemed to disappear into their back yards or maybe they just stayed inside?  regardless, even though we were there for 5 years, we rarely did more than a wave or occasional small conversation with our neighbors.
SO, naturally, my extroverted self was really hoping for a neighborhood with great neighbors when we moved!
i love to think about how God works, about how He goes before us and orchestrates things in order to meet our needs.  because, dang gina, God totally saw my heart, my desire, my need and he more than fulfilled this longing.

i dreamt of having older kids to help me with my children, i dreamt of a kid friendly street, i dreamt of sipping wine with the other parents, i dreamt of people hanging out on their front steps, and in the front yards, and my dreams have come true.

roman has 6 "neighbor grils" as he likes to call them, swarming him daily.
they think he's cute, they adore him, and the best part for him? strangely they love to watch him play.
and for romes? that's the key to his heart.  he loves having the big kids watch him work. HA!
there's also a few elementary age boys that he's got his eye on too!

the nice thing about these lovely girls is that they are ranging in age from 11-16, so i have had a lovely summer actually having someone to talk to other than my little toddler.  
i'm a BIT of a people person, so sometimes i can get lonely being home all day with roman and archer...
having these cute middle and high school girls around me is so fun!
i can't wait to watch them as they learn to drive! and get boyfriends! and go to prom! eeeeek!  
with a house full of boys, i can sort of get my girly fix through these cute little neighbor girls :)

i snapped some photos of roman and riley this week.
riley is such a blessing.
she's often times bored at home, only having an older brother, so i get lots of texts that sound like..."is roman up yet? can i come play?" or "does roman want to play with me?"
um YEAHHHH. yes he DOES! 

she's been around us enough this summer, that she knows the ropes and now i find her putting his shoes on, filling up his drink cup, wiping his nose, and even reminding him he shouldn't say poopy and butt. 

i'm so thankful for this neighborhood.
we've only been here for 4 months, and the relationships we've made have been so beautiful already.

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