Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Fish...not currently in the same pond

welcome :)

i am so delighted to begin this blog...and even more excited that my first post is a piece of lovely news.

as many of my 'soon to be readers' already know, mr. leif is working just south of st. louis from july until may. so yes, as my title to this post reads, we are two fish not currently living in the same pond. this has been a strange experience. 2 months have gone by, and typically when someone asks how i'm doing, i say "fine", "great", or "not too bad". but...last sunday i had a mini break down, just a few tears. amongst the shedding of tears, i said a few words to mr."can you look for a new job", "i can't do this any more", "i am tired of being tough". sadly, those comments were disrespectful and dishonoring to him as my husband and our family provider. BUT as i noted earlier, i have lovely news...............

on sunday night, mr. leif and i were invited to an evening, with friends from church, all about this great ministry. while i listened to the wisdom of older, married couples, i realized God has taken mr. leif from me, for just a short time, for a reason. yes, God has put mr. leif in st. louis because i need to work on something. that something is my personal relationship with Him... let me leif and i tend to share our experiences in church, devotions, etc... and i do believe God is allowing this time away from mr. leif, so that i will rely on Him for my comfort, support, and peace, and not just turn to mr. leif for those needs.

this is why my post is lovely, because i have a new outlook on the next 8 months of being in a different pond then mr. leif.

........but boy oh boy, i cannot wait until he finally swims home to be 2 fish in 1 pond again, that will be lovely!!

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  1. Lindsey, I just really admire your attitude and cheerfulness about your situation right now. I can't even imagine how hard it must be sometimes to be apart from your husband SO much. But, I can see how God is definitely using it in your life... and oh how wonderful it's going to be when all these months are over and you're really together again!!

    in the meanwhile, I'll definitely be praying for you and mr. leif :)